Chomping #watermelon lowers your #BP

Researchers have claimed that watermelon could significantly reduce blood pressure in overweight individuals both at rest and while under stress.

Florida State University Associate Professor Arturo Figueroa said that the pressure on the aorta and on the heart decreased after consuming watermelon extract.

Figueroa’s 12-week study focused on 13 middle-aged, obese men and women who also suffered from high blood pressure. To simulate cold weather conditions, one hand of the subject was dipped into 39 degree water (or 4 degrees Celsius) while Figueroa’s team took their blood pressure and other vital measurements.

Meanwhile, the group was divided into two. For the first six weeks, one group was given four grams of the amino acid L-citrulline and two grams of L-arginine per day, both from watermelon extract. The other group was given a placebo for 6 weeks.

Then, they switched for the second six weeks.

The results showed that consuming watermelon had a positive impact on aortic blood pressure and other vascular parameters.

Notably, study participants showed improvements in blood pressure and cardiac stress while both at rest and while they were exposed to the cold water.

The study has been published in the American Journal of Hypertension.

Researchers bypass #fingerprint #sensor in #Samsung #GalaxyS5

SRLabs researchers have released a new video demonstrating why fingerprints are not fit for secure device unlocking.


Fingerprint sensors on smartphones are certainly big step forward. But, are they good enough? Back in September last year, German researchers managed to crack the protection around Apple’s fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S. Researchers used “fake fingerprint”, which could be put onto a thin film and used with a real finger to unlock the device. And now, the fingerprint sensor on Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 has been cracked with the very same trick.

Germany-based SRLabs has released a video demonstrating the trick. Researchers used a “wood glue spoof”, made from mould of a fingerprint smudge left on smartphone screen. According to SRLabs, the fingerprint sensor in the S5 is more shoddy than what was found in the iPhone 5S.

Apple needs a password after every reboot before users can unlock their iPhone 5s with fingerprint scanner. The phone also needs a password after certain number of failed attempts with fingerprint scanner.

However, the Galaxy S5 allows users to make unlimited attempts to unlock the device with fingerprint scanner. Moreover, rebooting doesn’t lock the fingerprint scanning feature. Researchers showed how the Galaxy S5 fingerprint hack could allow hackers to access the PayPal app on the phone.

SRLabs points out that using fingerprint as credentials for local user authentication has two flaws as compared to the traditional password system.

First up is the limited revocation, which means once a fingerprint gets stolen, there’s no way to change it. Second is the credential spread. “Users leave copies of their fingerprints everywhere; including on the devices they protect. Fingerprints are not fit for secure local user authentication as long as spoofs (fake fingers) can be produced from these pervasive copies,” said the firm.

In the meanwhile, PayPal has issued a statement, saying the company has taken the SRLabs findings seriously.

“The scan unlocks a secure cryptographic key that serves as a password replacement for the phone,” the statement read. “We can simply deactivate the key from a lost or stolen device, and you can create a new one. PayPal also uses sophisticated fraud and risk management tools to try to prevent fraud before it happens. However, in the rare instances that it does, you are covered by our purchase protection policy.”

Source: SRLabsArsTechnica

5 Common #Twitter #Mistakes You Might Still Be Making

Are you still making these 5 Twitter mistakes?

Twitter can be a great tool for establishing your brand, building a community and extending your influence. But to get the most out of Twitter and do all of the above, first you need to avoid making these common mistakes.

1. Starting a tweet with someone’s username

First time I learned about this tip, I was amazed! Imagine the situation when an influencer tweets your blog post praising your content. High fives! You’ve made it! Overwhelmed with joy, you send out a tweet that looks a bit like this:

“@influencer, thank you for tweeting my blog post. I want to send you flowers and a box of chocolate.”

There’s the one! Focus at the beginning of this hypothetical tweet and you’ll notice a mistake lots of people still make. The tweet starts with @username, which means that you’re basically preventing your followers from seeing that this amazing human being just tweeted your blog.

So, unless you want just this user and your Twitter profile stalkers to read your tweet, avoid starting with @username. Instead, use a period before @username (“.@influence thanks!”) to make your tweet visible to everyone in the Twitterverse.

2. Following me? Following you

Following back someone who followed you surely is nice, but not necessary. Follow someone on Twitter because you find what they tweet about interesting and not just because they followed you. This way you build a timeline that is relevant and can be a great source of content to share with your audience.

3. Making tweets too long

Shorter tweets drive higher engagement rates, science says. In fact, tweets 100 to 120 characters long get retweeted the most. So keep in short and to the point, to increase your Twitter engagement and leave space for your audience to retweet and add comments.

length retweets 520x355 Are you still making these 5 Twitter mistakes?

4. Tweeting the full URL

Many people do this and it makes perfect sense. Sometimes clicking on the the “Tweet” button when reading an article is easy and convenient. But this is something you should avoid doing, especially if you’re using to tweet for marketing purposes.

Every time you’re tweeting a full URL, you’re missing out on your tweet’s click rate metrics. Instead, there are so many link shortening tools you can use to easily check the number of clicks on the links you tweet. Google’s link shortener and are both easy to use and give you extra insights on who’s shared this link already, which location the clicks came from, and how often they’re clicked within the past hour.

5. Setting up your analytics too late

Tweets and follower growth are definitely numbers you should be looking into to evaluate your Twitter performance. But they’re definitely not enough.

Being successful on Twitter is all about knowing what works for your audience and what doesn’t. And the sooner you know this, the better. Setting up analytics that matter - as soon as possible – saves you a ton of time that’d be better spent on tweeting and gives you a lot more insights on what your audience needs.

Keeping an eye on the stats of your mentions and retweets  is a good start to identify what you need to tweet to drive higher engagement rates and see which types of tweets help you do so. Are your tweet shared more when you use images, or plain text? These insights can help you grow your engagement and following.

What’s the biggest Twitter mistake you caught yourself making? Tell us in the comments below or tweet to me!

7 #Ways to #Know You #Belong #Together

My husband and I disagree on a lot of things: I find Game of Thrones too gory, believe pink should be incorporated into every design scheme, and then there’s the real stuff, like the fact that we were brought up practicing different religions, and that we’ll have to figure out how to raise our kids. But even with our issues, I know we’re meant for each other. How, you ask?

1. I tell him I don’t need him and he ignores me.
There have been countless occasions when I’ve assured my husband I could handle situations without any of his help–ranging from minor things, like pulling heavy dishes out of the oven (I’m a tad accident-prone) to the bigger events, like visiting my mom in the hospital when she took three too many painkillers. Sure, I would have been fine on my own, but knowing that I had his support, whether I thought I needed it or not, made all the difference. In a solid relationship, you see through the other person’s BS when they’re trying to be tough.

2. We have compatible insecurities.

Everyone is a little bit insecure. I think someone famous once said that. But you know you’re right for each other when you find someone with equal but opposite anxieties. My husband gets embarrassed when I’m too outspoken, and I encourage him to stand up for himself more. Together, we make a semi-normal person.

3. We can turn anything into a date.
Outings should not be restricted to dinners at new restaurants. Putting all of the emphasis on making good conversation is just too much pressure for a guy you’ve been texting all day. What’s left to say by the time the appetizer comes? That’s why, whenever possible, we try to think of silly, free things to do that focus the attention on simply being together. Last weekend, for instance, we scoured New York City searching for giant Easter eggs. Yes, we were the only adults on the hunt, but I also think we had the most fun.

4. We lie to get out of seeing our friends, but never each other.
Do you remember the scene in Knocked Up when Paul Rudd confesses that he’s been lying to his wife about having to work just so he can go see Spider-Man alone in the theater? Fibbing to your partner to get some quiet time isn’t uncommon, but in the end, my husband and I would rather be with each other than anyone else. That’s why we, er, tell half-truths to get out of plans with our friends so we can be home alone on a Saturday night… together.

5. We find ways to keep each other close.
He’ll probably be peeved at me for admitting this (sorry, Ben!), but my husband has been known to tote a stuffed animal with him on business trips. I admit that the first time was because I snuck it in his carry-on as a joke, but packing an inanimate friend quickly became a habit. I know he’s not actually snuggling the thing, but a good-night text featuring a mini giraffe in some foreign Holiday Inn makes me feel connected to him. And whether he’ll admit it or not, I think it goes both ways.

6. We both find poop jokes funny.
When we first started dating, I had to turn the shower on just to tinkle, but that’s not practical or particularly eco-friendly. Now our ability to laugh about our bathroom happenings–not to mention no longer have to end dates abruptly because one of us had too much cheese–has made us closer and, well, healthier.

7. We’ve created a judgment-free play land.
He’s a huge Steven Seagal fanboy. I may or may not have seen every season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But we don’t have to feel ashamed of our guilty pleasures, because we accept that they’re part of each other. And though I’ll never really get what he sees in that guy’s ponytail, peculiar taste isn’t a deal-breaker. When you’re right for someone, you can completely let your guard down and admit that you derive a whole lot of pleasure from Bravo marathons. You might have put on an act when you and your guy first met, but at this point, you no longer have to pretend to have seen The Godfather Part II.

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle