Be the #perfect #host

Be the perfect host or hostess with simple suggestions for making your next dinner party a smashing success.


Inviting friends or family to your home for dinner is one of the most personal ways to express your feelings for them. Follow these easy tips so that when people you care about come over, you can entertain with flair as well as feeling.

Hosting a sit-down dinner

Having the table set ahead of the guests’ arrival makes them feel expected and welcome; it also saves you last-minute stress and scrambling.

-If you can’t set the table ahead, assemble the items you’ll need in a large plastic storage bin. Include ironed linens and place cards so that, if need be, someone else can set up for you without much direction.

-Place flowers on the table (and in every nook if you can) to help create a fresh, colourful ambience for your gatherings, but avoid bouquets of fragrant blooms that will overwhelm the delicious smell of the food you’re serving.

-If you don’t have a floral centrepiece, choose something thematically linked to the occasion or to your guest’s interests. A cluster of interesting collectibles, pretty non-scented candles, or even a cluster of wild mushrooms can be eyecatching.

-Another striking idea for the centre of the table is to display the dessert, a selection of cheeses to be served after dinner, or even a cascade of fabulous chocolates.

-No one wants to sit at a table that looks like a dinosaur dig, so as you set the table, think about the mealtime fall-out. If there will be bones, pits or shells to discard, place receptacles on the table to collect them.

-Passing warm towels before dinner is served is a lovely touch. To prepare towels, moisten as many matching facecloths as you have with a mild solution of water combined with either lemon juice or rosewater. Wring out the cloths until just damp. Fold in half, roll into cylinders and arrange in a single layer in a shallow casserole dish; cover tightly.

-Microwave for 40 or 50 seconds and pass one to each person using tongs. Gather the used towels on a tray before dinner is served.

Hosting a buffet

-A buffet is the easiest way to serve a meal to a crowd.

-One way to make your buffet attractive is to drape lovely linens over risers of various heights set on the table so that the food is dramatically presented at different levels.

-Also, key to hosting an elegant buffet party is to make sure that the food is replenished often so that it remains fresh and attractive.

-The easiest way to set up a buffet is on a freestanding, long table so that two lines of guests can be serving themselves at once. Alternatively, a round table arranged with starters and subsequent courses set out in a clockwise pattern will work well for smaller groups.

-For easy service on a buffet, ladle cold soup into juice glasses and present them in a bowl of crushed ice.

-Plates should be set at the beginning of the line but incidentals such as cutlery and napkins should be the last items on the table. Glasses for wine and other beverages should be placed either on the serving tables or passed around filled with drinks once people are seated and eating.

There you go, you are all set to entertain in style.

7 ways to look #stunning


Discover your true self
Look great by figuring out who you truly are and work with what you have, instead of trying to be someone else. Find out what are the things that you like doing, what you like wearing etc. Once you strike the right chord with yourself, the path will be easy for you.

Gain confidence
Improving your appeal is not only about making others see you as a sexy person. It is how you feel about yourself. To do this, you need to look within. Engage in activities which you feel will make you sexy. It could be anything from learning a new language, taking up a new dance form or travelling alone.

Find out your style
At times, it is easy to get carried away and ape someone blindly. But when you figure out what suits you the best, there’s nothing more exhilarating than that. Opt for something that you feel sexy in. It could be a dress, jeans and a T-shirt, sneakers, heels etc. If you think you’ve had a boring style till date, take a chance and go in for a makeover.

Wear make-up more often
An instant way to look your best is by sporting makeup that makes you look glamorous. Choose from a wide range of bold lipsticks in shades of reds, pinks and mauves. For your eyes, opt for the smokey eye look or the winged style of the 60s, while for your cheeks you can apply blush in shades of brown and pinks.

Get healthy
Believe it or not but looks can actually change your overall perception about yourself. If you’ve been lethargic till date, here’s your chance to look good. Being fit does make you look more attractive. Hit the gym and start eating healthy. Make it a point to have breakfast every day before you leave for work. Have five small meals a day to ensure that your metabolism is functioning well.

Reward yourself
Remunerating yourself with every small progress that you make will definitely give a boost to your sex appeal.

Every time you achieve your targets, pamper yourself by going in for a spa treatment or going out on a dinner date with your beloved. When you reward yourself for doing things that you have decided, it keeps you motivated and also makes you look great.

Stop worrying
To make sure that you look great, stop stressing over things that are not important. Stress makes you look dull, making fine lines and wrinkles to appear on your forehead.

How to keep #body #odour at #bay

Body odour can become a real dampener to your personality if proper care is not taken. Here’s how to keep body odour at bay!

How-to-keep-body-odour-at-bayThere are times, when no matter how much deodorant you wear, the body odor just doesn’t go away. These are the days when you feel if you could do something permanent about the problem. So here’s how you can keep body odour at bay in four easy steps.

There are few things that you have to follow, there’s nothing you can do about it. So stop eating too much onions, garlic and methi. They tend to seep out of the body pores and results in body odor. No matter how well onions go with that spicy curry, you need to keep them at safe distance.

Keep visiting your bathroom. Yes, we mean take bath regularly. Bathing twice a day during summers is a good idea. This will definitely put many problems aside.

Use talcum powder. These are an underestimated lot of toiletries which can really make a lot of difference. They not only make you feel fresh but also help in reducing body odour, especially during summers.

Find a good antiperspirant deodorant. This not only keep you smelling fresh but also helps in reducing sweating. Summers are the time when you tend to sweat more and thus body odour.

11 #beauty #hacks every #girl should know

Nail-polish-jpgHave a limited shopping budget? Can’t have a makeup artist on call like celebrities do? Here are a few tips to help you look perfect no matter where you are or how low-budget a month it is…!!!

Get a gel liner from an eye pencil
Put the tip of the pencil near a flame for about 30 seconds and let it cool for 15 minutes or so. It will now give you a thick and intense line, the way any gel liner would.

Setting your lipstick
After applying lipstick, put a tissue paper over your lips and apply powder over it. This will set the colour and give you a long lasting effect.

Drying your nails
Fill a bowl with cold water. Apply your nail colour and dip your fingers in the bowl. It speeds up the drying process.

Keeping bobby pins where they belong
Very often, bobby pins slide out of your hair. To stop them from doing so, simply lay a tissue paper on a table, put the pins on it and spray them with any stiff hold hairspray. This will make them stay on your hair longer and stop them from sliding out every other minute.

Greasy Hair Day Rescue
Dry shampoo is the best way to fix greasy hair when you can’t wash your hair. But if for some reason, you can’t find one, then use baby powder as it does exactly the same thing. Put some powder on your hairline and rub it in. It will take the greasiness away and make your hair look good.

Make up wipes everywhere
It’s impossible to get your hands on make up wipes everywhere. Simply replace them with baby wipes. They work the same and baby wipes are usually kinder to your skin.

Heatless waves
Braid your hair on both sides really tight and go to bed. When you wake up, untangle them, spray and scrunch it and you’ll be left with perfect beach waves without using a curling iron.

Mascara to perfection
Use a business card behind your lashes while applying mascara. It not only straightens out your lashes, but also stops the mascara from smudging on your eyelids.

French manicure yourself
Take the curved end of a band-aid and line it a little away from the tip of your nails. Now apply your nail colour and wait till it’s dry before you peel the band-aid off. Perfect French manicure at home.

Iron to last longer
If you’re using a curling iron to curl your hair, roll your hair back up and pin it until it cools down. This makes your curls last longer. Similarly, when you’re straightening your hair, put a cardboard near your hair roots and hold it in place with a bobby pin. Take it off once your hair cools down. This stops sweat and wind from making the roots curly or wavy again.