#Office places that #work and why

officeFrom a minimalistic design to dedicated recreation spaces, fashion firm Bestseller is on a mission to create happiness in the workplace.


“We wanted to create an environment that encourages collaboration, socialisation and general happiness in the workplace. While I do have a designated cabin, every day I find myself working out of different departments.This allows me to know each individual that’s part of the Bestseller family closely. We have a fun work culture here. We wish members of the team on their birthday by sticking notes on their desks or cabins.”

Vineet Gautam, Country Head, Bestseller India


“I love the ONLY showroom, as it gives us the opportunity to look through the entire season’s collection and take necessary decisions. It’s also a great representation of the brand for external visitors and gives us a sense of pride. We are a brand catering to the fashion needs of the youth, and hence, the presence of social media logos.”

Sugam Asani, Brand Head, ONLY India


“The ping-pong and foosball table, library and open kitchen, ensure impromptu happy hours. According to me, this is what drives creativity. I appreciate this freedom as it is also integral to our brand’s philosophy. It just feels like a home away from home.”

Aditya Nadkarni, Brand Head, JACK&JONES India


“I love the fifth floor, which serves as a break zone where you can relax with a cup of coffee, eat or play. It is my go-to zone, every time I need to get some thinking done.”

Mrithyunjay Amblimath, Head (Operations), Bestseller

7 home #remedies to #curb #cold and #cough

coldWith the change in weather, viral cough and cold are common ailments that kids suffer from. Try some of these remedies to treat the ailment and boost your kid’s immunity:

1. Steam: If your little one suffers from cold and has trouble breathing, get him/her to take steam. Make the kid stand in the bathroom with hot water running or simply heat water in a wide bowl and make the kid inhale the hot fumes for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Adding eucalyptus oil can also help soothe your child’s system.

2. Honey: Known for its soothing effect, dip your finger in honey and let your baby lick it two three times in a day. If your child is older than five years, mix a spoonful with cinnamon powder and ask him/her to have it.

3. Carom Seeds: Boiling water along with carom seeds (ajwain) and tulsi leaves can help to keep the cough in check. It also helps in relieving chest congestion.

4. Massage: Massages work best for children who are below two years of age. Mix mustard oil with garlic and massage your baby’s chest, back and neck area. Also cover the baby’s palm and feet with the oil for a quick relief.

5. Keep your kid hydrated: When your kid is going through a bout of sneezing and coughing, it is very important to keep him/her hydrated. Drinking water at regular intervals will help fight the common cold and reduce the inflammation in the throat along with washing out the infection. Other fluids in form of warm soup or a fresh juice are also beneficial for replenishing the body’s lost energy.

6. Salt gargling: A glass of hot water with a teaspoon of salt can be useful to ease a sore throat. Ask your kid to gargle with salt water twice a day. The saline water helps soothe the pain.

7. Turmeric milk: Due to its antiseptic properties, turmeric is known to treat viral infections such as cough and cold. Add turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk and make your kid have it every night. It provides instant relief for an aching throat and runny nose. Since it is a rich source of calcium, milk also provides energy to your kid.

#Brighten up your #house to beat the #gloomy #monsoon

houseAdd a dash of neon to pep up the mood at your home in the gloomy monsoon season, and use some chimes to get a soothing tune while they sway in the breeze, an expert suggests. According to Navneet Malhotra, Co-founder of Renomania, an online homedecor platform, you can beat the dark and gloomy monsoon days by getting rid of heavy blinds and curtains and replacing them with colourful curtains, bright cushions and assorted chairs to brighten up your abode at a minimal cost.

Here are a few tricks and tips:

1. Use sheer curtains

Since the sun is not a common element during this weather, the house may look dark and gloomy. Hence, it is suggested that you get rid of those heavy blinds and curtains that can be useful in keeping the house cool during summer. Instead opt for light, sheer curtains to bring some light into the house. The light curtains also perfectly fit with the lethargic mood that monsoon brings with itself.

2. Infuse nature

Many plants in our gardens face the danger of dying out because of the rains. Instead, we can bring the exuberant greenery indoors and enhance the natural quotient of the house. You can add earthen elements like wood, bamboo and jute to your home decor as well.

3. Use bright colours to kill the dullness

Bright interiors reduce the dullness and bring happiness and excitement to the house. Use colourful curtains, bright cushions and assorted chairs to brighten the space at minimal cost. Opt for neons as they are in trend and make the space more lively.

4. Oil diffusers and scented candles

Despite the joy that monsoon brings with it after the tiring summer season, we also have to face some major problems like the musty smell, dampness and mould. You can use oil diffusers and scented candles to keep from the stuffy, stale smell. There are umpteen aromas in the market but lavender, vanilla and lemongrass are known to be soothing on the soul.

5. Get rugs and dhurries

If you have any silk and wool furnishings or carpets in the house, it is time you get rid of them. These fabrics tend to attract moisture and do not go well with the already humid weather. Instead, go for rugs and dhurries and the fabrics that suit the season are nylon and polyester.

6. Accessorise with wind chimes

You can use wind chimes on your window sills which will be good for creating a positive and serene mood.

7. Light up with LEDs and bottle lamps

You can also minimize the dullness by installing lamps in the house. The market has seen an influx of different varieties of LED lights which look svelte and debonair. You can also go for DIY (Do-it-yourself) bottle lamps which are made by putting fairy lights in any glass bottle.

How can one #deal with a #low #appraisal?

payrollAfter working in the same organisation for five years, Ritu got the shock of her life when she was handed a mere two per cent hike. It was unfair, she thought. But what was she to do? Should she look for a fresh job or stay back? How can one deal with a low appraisal?

Ritu is not alone. There are hundreds of Ritus going through a similar low patch,especially post appraisal. But a low appraisal is not a rejection of your talent or skill. Rather,it opens up a window of opportunities to prove your worth or to reinforce your presence in the company.

According to SJ Raj, senior VP, HR, Newgen Software, “Most professionals,at some point in their career,have to deal with appraisals or increment percentages that are not exactly what they were expecting,or sometimes,not even close to it. Irrespective of the duration one may have spent in the organisation,or how well the individual understands the senior management,or how aware the individual may be about the industry,the initial reaction to such an incident is always sheer disappointment, frustration and in some cases,even anger or rage. “He says it is important to check where the salary increase stands relative to industry standards.Such information can come from industry surveys. A low increment is not necessarily a reflection of your calibre. It could be the result of many factors such as organisation turnover, industry wide slowdown or recession among others.”In such cases,one needs to be patient and wait for the situation to improve,” adds Raj.

Rajeev Bhardwaj,VP,HR,Sun Life Financial Asia Service Centre has different views to share, “Before we look at solutions,we need to evaluate what exactly is happening here.Was the performance messaging to an employee handled poorly? Did he/she get opinions and views which were not backed by data?” If it is poorly handled messaging then one should not take it personally. One should speak to the boss,politely and professionally.List your achievements for the year and ask where you faltered. If it is the second one,where one has actually not done well then one should introspect and make a plan for doing well in the coming performance cycle. If one has got a poor increment because he/she is paid better than market standards,then he/she should process the information maturely. An easy way out of escaping the poor increment is to switch jobs,but it is not of much help in the long run,as the issues will still stand. Puneet Bhirani, chief people and administrative officer,Mphasis,notes, “There has to be a phase of introspection before you approach the manager and seek hisher views. One needs to put extra efforts to come across as open and willing to take feedback. Else,it will lead to a blame game.”


After a poor appraisal, one should steer the discussion towards the future and what can be done to avoid this low appraisal.