What’s New in Android 4.2?

Google released their family of Nexus devices regardless of the suspension caused by Hurricane Sandy. Along with the announcement of the LG Nexus 4, the Samsung Nexus 10 and the 32 GB & Mobile Versions of the Asus Nexus 7, Google also unveiled the next version of Android.

By only adding a “.1” to its version number, it’s a symbol that it is only an incremental upgrade and is still named Jellybean.

  • Android 4.2 brings a twist to taking pictures, Photo Sphere. Instead of being your old panorama mode, it takes individual photos and stitches them together to create a 360 degree environment that you may share with friends and family.
  • The keyboard also brings improvements as it features finger swiping across letters and it predicts the words you are trying to type. Some might say it is a lot like Swype, but Google calls it Gesture Typing and is now integrated into the system.
  • Google also included Multiple User Support which enables individual users to have their own settings on different home screens. You won’t need to shut down the device to access it as it is accessible only by going back to the lock screen.
  • Google Now is also said to be improved. The device is said to give out the information that you need more precisely and more intuitively.
  • A Wireless Display feature is also added. You no longer need a micro HDMI port to mirror content onto your TV. The only thing you need is a wireless display adapter and you are good to go.
  • Notifications have also been improved. The system now includes access to quick settings like adjusting the brightness, airplane mode and so on.

There are a lot more incremental features added to Android like Daydream and the ability to add widgets to the lock screen. Android 4.2 will come included in the newly announced Nexus devices and an update is expected to arrive for selected devices soon.


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