Independence Day Special–Top 10 things we can pledge today

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters…” Remember this pledge which was printed on the first page of our text books?

66th Independence Day

66th Independence Day

As kids, all of us had read, memorized and even repeated it every day. However, how many of us actually practice or even remember those lines now, is a million dollar question.

Today, when India celebrates its 66th Independence Day, it’s time we renewed our pledge. Here are the top 10 ills of the society that we think that every Indian should pledge to get rid of:

1. Take a pledge to go green:
Unplug electrical devices when they are not in use.
Replace all your incandescent bulbs with CFLs.
Make full use of the sunlight. Dry your clothes in the sun instead of drying them in the machine and save electricity.
Opt for e-bills in place of physical ones and also pay bills online and save paper.
Switch to rechargeable batteries to eliminate waste and at the same time save money. These batteries can be recharged and used for years before they go bad.

2. Pledge against corruption:
Corruption has prevailed in India from time immemorial. If each one of us make up our minds to take a stand against giving and taking of bribes, we will be able to make a difference. In addition, ensuring unbiased and impartial use of the anti-social regulations to take immediate and strong action against the offenders will mean the death of corruption in our country.

3. Pledge against pollution:
You can do your bit by taking a pledge to use public transport or car pool instead of driving to work, carry you own bag to the super market instead of using plastic bags, stop smoking or at least follow the ‘No Smoking’ sign board, use unleaded petrol in your cars and never use open fire to dispose your waste.

4. Sexual health awareness:
The outlook towards ‘casual sex’ is changing amongst the youth. However, many of them are either unaware or not bothered about safe sex, which leads to unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Today, take a pledge to broaden your understanding of sexual health, relationships and not to indulge in unsafe sex. Child marriage is yet another menace which is rampant in certain parts of India to this day. Girls are married off at the age of 12 (in some cases even six or seven years of age) leading to early pregnancy, health complications and untimely death.

5. Female Infanticide:
India might have become a force to reckon with, but it is horrifying to see that female infanticide is on the rise every year. Girl babies are killed before they are born (female foeticide), and sometimes after they are born. Why do we detest them so much? Let’s pledge today not to encourage female infanticide and discrimination against the girl child.

6. Stop littering:
Littering has several effects on the environment. There are cases when people have been injured and even killed because somebody carelessly littered. Litter also ends up in rivers and lakes not just polluting the water but also sometimes poisoning the animals. If we all take a pledge to stop littering, we will be able to save the air we breathe and water we drink.

7. Eat healthy, live longer:
Eat healthy as much as possible. Eating a lot of greens, vegetables and lean meat will keep you healthy and active. Do not fall for the fast food fad. Keep in mind that the juicy, succulent burgers are adding innumerable calories and ‘dollops’ of cholesterol to your heart. Pledge today to eat healthy and live longer.

8. Conserve water:
Conservation of water is an essential practice today, whether or not you’re having water troubles at the moment. Simple changes can help save gallons of water a day. Fix leakages in your toilets and tanks, shorten your showers, soak your vegetables and fruits instead of running them under water and turn of the tap while brushing your teeth. So, take a pledge to make these changes and help conserve water.

9. Help one person become literate:
Hundred per cent literacy in India still seems like a distant dream. However, if each one of us take one step toward getting one person literate, we might not be far behind the targeted goal. Spending one hour with an underprivileged neighbourhood kid and sharing your knowledge will make a world of difference. Pledge today, to teach at least one person this year.

10. Say goodbye to obesity:
Get active. Walk to work and inculcate exercise as a part of your daily lives. Walk at least five days a week for about 30 minutes to keep your heart healthy and avoid diabetes. Encourage your kids to go out and play. Take your kids on a hike or go cycling because healthy kids make for a healthy nation. So, pledge now to remain active till the next Independence Day so we can take some more pledges to make India an even better place to live in!

Best iPhone Games

Best iPhone Games

Best iPhone Games

With around 900,000 apps available now for download in iTunes app store, gaming options are almost limitless. In the ocean of games for iPhone, a few are worth while the others aren’t. We’ve taken on burden of sorting via the endless games in order to get you what we consider are best iPhone games from the intense comfort gamer to casual word puzzle aficionado.

It’s now safe to state that Apple’s gaming industry is a square kick within tender regions. Free games look to increase in number every time we load the App Store; however so many top titles feel same as cynical business plan in disguise. Fortunately, there’s plethora of gratis integrity to get on the iPhone: the games which offer a solid quantity of entertaining game play.

Despite their protest, dismissing Apple in all possible way, Nintendo and Sony both are concerned clearly by the meteoric increase of iPhone as the handheld gaming devices.

Though great games are driving force behind success of the Apple gaming, low prices also have helped. The majority ‘premium’ titles cost only six quid or even less, and lots of developers finish up in the race to 69p, thus providing best iPhone games which would price 20 quid on rival platform for price of one Kit-Kat. However what if you spent even the last of the cash on your Apple object of wish? Can you get superb games for nothing to pay at all, or ‘free’ section of App Store ignored?

1. Dropship

This superb ngmoco title cost a very few quid, but Dropship now is free and it is one amongst the App Store’s largest bargains. This game is a current take on Thrust or Gravitar, with your ship fighting shooting gun emplacements and gravity while searching compound vector-based cave formation for marooned allies.

Its dual-thumb ‘touch anywhere’ controls take a few getting used to, however the game feels exciting and fluid once they’re mastered.

2. Flood-It! 2

This is one amongst the best iPhone games available for free. It meets all the rules of large puzzlers: keep the things simple, and make the game very challenging so that your brains begin to dribble out from your ears. In this game, you tap the colors to ‘flood’ board from top-left, intending to make the whole board of one single colour using limited number of the taps.

This release provides additional modes over original Flood-It! (obstacles, timers, finishing with defined color), and offers many schemes for the color-blind players.!-2/id476943146?mt=8

3. Dr. Awesome Plus

Dr. Awesome Plus, another ngmoco game, uses a vile forced Plus+ account log in, but get that past and you find compulsive title which smashes together the primeval arcade classic Qix along with surgery game Trauma’s Centre. Dr. Awesome’s gameplay focuses around removing the viruses by tilting the device for ‘cutting out’ infections.

Gameplay tends to be furious and fast and, unusually, the Address Book contacts will be used for patient name, so you always can select to give up your high scores and off your bosses in virtual world.

4. Cube Runner

Accelerometers in Apple handheld have driven growth of the tilt-based myriad racing games; however tilt control can be fastidious. However, Cube Runner feels just accurate as you direct your craft right and left through cube-littered landscape, aiming to stay alive for as much long as probable. The game doesn’t looks like much; however, it plays well, plus longevity is also extended by this game enabling you to generate and download different new levels.

5. Sol Free Solitaire

Though it essentially is a portion of Solebon Solitaire, Sol Free Solitaire nonetheless is a striking example of standalone solitaire game which is one among the best iPhone games. From the instant you first launch this game, level of attention and polish to detail is clear. In all the included games, all the graphics are clear and clean, the controls are responsive and intuitive, and the integral help is revealing.

6. Real Racing GTi

Firemint Real Racing is known to be one among the best iPhone games of racing, but it’s demanding also, requiring lots of time investment. This Real Racing GTi bestows with much of depth, but retains the parent’s fun gameplay, great graphics and user-friendly controls.

It’s probably worth noting that this game is a free game to play. It’s far more superior than GTi, but it also is rather IAP-happy, thus be warned.  It has 3 modes on offer – quick race, time trial, and cup championship over 3 tracks—ensuring that this game is one of the best iPhone games as arcade racer on App Store.

7. Spider: Hornet Smash

Hornet Smash includes one level from the game. Tiger Style’s Spider, but its major draw is the frantic arcade minigame. Controlling our 8-legged hero still, the plan is to ward off attacks by the swarms of annoyed hornets, while munching tasty lacewings and weaving webs for health boosts. Overall, three environments are integrated in this innovative and compelling title.

8. Dactyl

Almost completely lacking in depth, the Dactyl is however one amongst the most feverishly addictive and best iPhone games there on App Store. A splendidly demented Whack-A-Mole– effort, Dactyl simply tasks you by tapping red bombs so as to stop them from exploding.

Almost instantaneously, though, the red bombs arrive fast and thick, forcing to keep a track and strike them so as to avoid inevitable ‘game over’.

9. MazeFinger Plus

The forced Plus+ account’s sign-up is terrible, but it’s worth persistent to get to an addictive like this, where you “unleash awesome power of fingers,” according to App Store blurb.

Actually the plan is to drag the fingers from the beginning to finish of every simple maze. The trouble is you’re against clock and obstacles come in your path. 200 levels and Great graphics of compelling gameplay make sure you’ll be glued definitely to your screen.

10. Trace

This is a sweet, creative platform game that has you navigating obstacles to reach star-shaped exit. A twist is that you’ll draw and erase platforms, to support your advancement. With a focus on time-based score rather than lives and ability to skip the levels, Trace is extremely much ‘casual’ platform game; however, it’s none the inferior because of it.