– Best Indian website to get free recharge for mobile

You will see many websites online those provide free recharges for your mobile.

Many of them are very effort taking and many of them give very less share for our effort that we took to earn free recharge.

But I think best option for all those websites is only. Here you will get free recharge very easily.

This is not a fake website at all as there are many websites those lie to internet user.  But this website is not that kind of website at all. Because, I am using this website since 4-5 months and this is a very good experience.

Here there are five ways to earn free recharge in very less effort. Now I am going to explain you all those steps:

1. Daily Login: When you do daily login, you get 10paisa each time and continuous login for 9 or 10 days there are other benefits.

2. Play Trivia: In this step, you will have to answer 25 questions. Each question will be of general knowledge type regarding to country, sex, marriage, region, traditions etc. The answer will be just in two options as ‘Yes‘ or ‘No’. Here after completion of this step you will get 50paisa for sure.

3. Daily Humors: In this step, you will see 10 images there and you just have to click on each image. See that image and then confirm your presence by clicking on button provided there. After completion of 10 images, you will get 50paisa for sure.

4. Vocabulary: Here you just have to learn 15 words, there pronunciations, there meanings etc. After completion you will get 50paisa for sure.

5. Play Contest: Here you have to play one contest. That contest will be made up of 8 to 16 questions. Answer each question properly after completion you will get 1 to 2 rupees for sure, but not each and every time.

So if you are completing these steps every day, you will get up to 2rupees every day in less than 15-20mins, means it saves your time, improves your knowledge and more important that it gives you free recharge.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click on the link given below and register for free to get more benefits with free recharges.