iPhone 4 8GB available online for Rs. 22,649

Apple has reintroduced their three year old smartphone in the Indian market, as the iPhone 4 is now available online for Rs. 22,500.

iPhone 4 8GB available online for Rs. 22,649

iPhone 4 8GB available online for Rs. 22,649

It seems Apple has finally dumped their discontinued model – the iPhone 4 into the Indian market and it is now available via an online retailer for Rs. 22,649. The new retail price of the iPhone 4 is Rs. 22,900 and some of the company’s premium resellers are selling it at Rs.500 less i.e Rs.22,500 and as of now it is only available in black colour.

While the phone is currently not available at all Apple stores, some resellers have stocks of the iPhone 4 and have started selling the phone at the given price, meanwhile others are yet to receive the stock with the new pricing .

Reports popped up last week that Apple will be reintroducing its 3 year old smartphone in India in face of growing competition. There were also reports that the iPhone 4 will be priced at Rs.15,000 through buyback and EMI schemes compared to its old retail price of Rs.26,500. Though as of now, no buyback scheme is available on the iPhone 4, interestingly the buyback scheme is available on the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4S (8GB) is priced at Rs 31,500, though under the buyback scheme, customers can avail a discount of up to Rs.5,000 in exchange of their old smartphone, and can buy the iPhone 4S (8GB) for as low as Rs 26,500.

Since Apple has stopped production of the iPhone 4 last September , they are likely to source unsold inventory from around the globe for the Indian market although, we cannot verify this at the moment. A senior executive working with a top electronic retailer spoke to The Economic Times, “While there is still a latent demand for the iPhone 4 due to its attractive price in India, the model has lost favour in matured markets and hence it may not make sense for Apple to start fresh production since it follows economies of scale.”

Reports further claim Apple’s two Indian distributors — Reddington and Ingram Micro are planning a relaunch of the iPhone 4 8GB so that Apple can take advantage of the Republic Day sales bump.

Will the three year old smartphone strike chord with the Indian consumer.? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Source: ThinkDigit


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