#India’s most popular #SecurityConference returns for the fifth year

According to Wikipedia, India ranks 3rd in terms of the highest number of Internet users in the world after USA and China as of 2012, but in terms of cybersecurity it has a long way to go. 

India's most popular security conference Nullcon

India’s most popular security conference Nullcon

Cybercrime is big in India and has targetted both individuals as well as organizations across the country. One of the key agendas of the National Cyber Security Policy of India is to create a taskforce of 5,00,000 cybersecurity professionals in the next five years. Public and private sector partnership (PPP) is also seen as a key step to counter cybercrime. Discussions on cybersecurity have become a matter of utmost importance.

India’s most popular security conference Nullcon could not have returned at a better time. Nullcon Goa, (www.nullcon.net) is celebrating its 5th Anniversary, with efforts being made to bring key decision makers and thought leaders from the industry and government. Nullcon is a four-day event scheduled from 12th to 15th Feb 2014 comprising of highly technical training, talks, workshops, exhibitions, networking parties & CTFs. Nullcon security conference is well known for its speakers and talks where new vulnerabilities, risks and attacks on systems are responsibly disclosed along with their prevention mechanisms.

Nullcon 2014 will be hosted at The Bogmallo Beach Resort in Goa.

Some of the highlights of Nullcon 2014 include:

Nullcon BlackShield: The “NullCon BlackShield” awards are given to the chosen and recognized individuals and organizations which bear maximum impact on information security in day to day operations and future technologies. What makes them special is that they are community chosen and recognized.

Nullcon Ammo: You can read about the major established security tools in books but there are tons of exciting new tools being released every year that you never find out about. One of these tools might just be what you are looking for to solve your current problem. For the first time, Nullcon brings to you an event that is focused entirely on security tools. From the plethora of tools released, the team handpicks the best and give attendees an opportunity to find out about the tool’s capabilities directly from the author of the tool.

Nullcon 2014 Exhibition: This is one of the places people from the industry get to display their products and interact with others from within the security industry and government. The security companies can interact with the buyers and decision makers directly at the conference.

Nullcon Job Fair: Looking for a job? Nullcon will host a special job fair organized for security professionals and organizations. Nullcon job fair gives you open access to meet the heads of various security organizations, understand their requirements and offer them your competencies in return. It is an excellent opportunity for organizations to hire the best talent in information security industry and for security professionals to find better job prospects. nullcon job fair is a platform where prospective employer and employee can meet and interact with each other in an open environment.


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