#Twitter #shuts down #Music #app

Twitter’s music app is being taken off the Apple App Store officially due to lack of popularity.

Twitter shuts down #Music app

Twitter shuts down #Music app

The Twitter #Music app, available only on iPhone and the desktop, attempted to harness conversations around music and artists on Twitter to create a new way to discover music. However, the app failed to strike the right chord among users who preferred many competing music apps on the market.

While discontinuing the app, Twitter said that this does not mark the end of its efforts to help users discover new music:

Rumours about Twitter killing #Music were swirling on the internet as early as October 2013. Twitter reportedly had stopped development on the app since past few months.

Twitter #Music was built by the team behind the music-discovery service We Are Hunted, which Twitter acquired in 2012 and subsequently shut down. Less than one week after Twitter Music’s launch in April last year, Kevin Thau, the company’s head of music, left the company to join Jelly as COO.

While the app integrated with popular apps like Spotify and Rdio, recommending tracks based on artists a user had followed and tweeted about, it never got much traction among mainstream users, the report added.

Source: HT Tech News

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