5 #Work ‘Rules’ You Must #Break

Unable to strike a balance between your personal and professional life? Find yourself physically and mentally exhausted and out of shape? It’s probably due to these common myths that claim to increase work efficiency. Read on… and abstain.

1. No personal stuff: If you’ve gone completely off personal emails, social network chatter, text messages and calls out of obligation or choice (whatever for?!) during work hours, please do realise that it could actually work against you… sooner or later. A little contact — without going overboard — with the real world (even if it’s via virtual media) won’t hurt. In fact, au contraire, my friends.

2. Break ban: Staying put with your derrière glued to your seat and your eyes unwavering from your computer screen isn’t the best idea — for your waistline, your productivity and creative energies. A few minutes of physical activity (stepping out for a caffeine break or a 10-minute post-lunch/mid-evening stroll) will help you get back to work… rejuvenated.

3. Al desko syndrome: In a bid to make good use of time “wasted” at the cafeteria, have you begun eating lunch at your desk? This works neither for your body nor your brain. Going al desko is akin to being a couch potato stuck to your television set, eating mindlessly… without stopping to appreciate and savour the visual appeal, smell, flavour and texture of your food. Cafeterias exist for a reason. And you need to frequent them to understand why.

4. I’m the best: There is such a thing as too much competition, and most workplaces survive on team work. This means, even as you put in your best, don’t forget to egg on your co-workers and/or give a pat on their backs. Don’t be a control freak, under the pretext of perfectionism.

5. Second home: If you and/or your close ones have begin joking that your workplace could well be your second home, it’s time to sit up and ask yourself why you’ve been spending a little too much time in office. Whether you spend long hours at work to fill an emotional void or escape from personal problems, remember that a workaholic can’t really be there for those who need him/her. Including himself/herself!

Original Source: 5 Work ‘Rules’ You Must Break


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