Why #breakfast is so #important?

Busy lives and absurd daily routines have made diets go haywire. But if you keep your breakfast in place, good health is assured.
They say breakfast is the most important meal of your day. Here is why it is important not to skip your first meal of the day.

It helps in building your memory. After a long gap post dinner, your stomach not only needs something to give you energy, but also your mind which is craving for some boost too. Breakfast sharpens your short term memory.

And while the body is craving for some energy to kick start your day, you have already put it rolling. As a result the body refuses to work. And morning is the time you need the most of your body essentials working their best.

And the effects skipping breakfast is the most vital of it all. When there is a lack of food, mind starts to conserve the limited energy it has stored from the last meal. This stops it from providing the kind of results you are expecting out of it.

It’s not just the brain that is getting affected, but studies have shown that people who have had been skipping breakfast for a long time have higher cholesterol levels and higher insulin levels. This, in long term, can be really dangerous.


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