How to control #blood #sugar

Diabetes is one of the bigger diseases of our time. However, the silver lining to the condition is that Type-2 diabetes can be controlled and even prevented, if one adapts a few simple but effective lifestyle changes. Keeping in mind a few of these things can be helpful.
Eat Healthy
Alow calorie diet that has minimal saturated fatsis shown to help prevent diabetes. Ithas been observed that restricting fat intake to 10% of your diet while including more vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, whole grains and a healthy fiber in it, can help keep your weight in check and prevent the disease.Regular tests
A great preventive measure is the awareness whether you’re close to acquiring the disease or are prediabetic. So, regular blood sugar tests can help you indicate that and motivate you to take preventive measures.

Reduce meal size
It is proven that reducing meal size and having many small meals compared to having two or three big meals, helps your metabolism and keeps your weight in check and not cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate violently

Lifestyle changes
Include physical activity in your life. Practise yoga, workouts in the gym or engage in cardio exercise to avoid a sedentary lifestyle which can help control the condition.


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