‘#Sports is one of the best ways to #rejuvenate oneself’

…and playing on my gaming console is my favourite way of unwinding myself, says model Sahil Shroff .

Sahil-ShroffMy personal de-stress mantra is…

I workout in the gym, almost for all seven days of the week and that too, for at least one hour and 20 minutes. Because I do more of core-strength workout, I can do it at home too, incase I’m unable to make it to the gym. I love to run in the open air and run for about three hours every week. I also practice yoga along with meditation. I do more of breathing exercises especially pranayanam.

My personal de-stress mantra is…

Earlier, I was a lot into sports especially squash, but nowadays I hardly get time to indulge in it because of my busy schedule. Around three years ago, I went for snow boarding and dislocated my shoulder. From then on, I don’t indulge much into sports. But I go for swimming once every 10 days. I also go for treks with my friends three to four times a year.

My hobbies are…

I love gaming and my gaming console is my favourite way to unwind and have a great time. I call my friends over to my place for game nights and we have a blast playing soccer on my gaming console. Reading another hobby of mine. I like reading books on self-improvement, autobiographies, yoga and books on acting as I’m very much interested in it. I loved Gregory David Robert’s Shantaram and Andre Agassi’s autobiography, Open. I also love watching movie and usually prefer watching DVDs at home but sometimes I do like going to the cinema. I love watching action and thriller movies and immensely enjoyed Inglorious Basterds.

I love to travel. Every six to eight months, I and my friends go travelling to global destinations. I often travel to Australia and Europe. I travelled a lot in Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka etc. I don’t party out much but maybe just once a month.

A cook or a foodie…

I am a big foodie but I am diet conscious at the same time. I do like going eating out and trying new restaurants but I don’t gorge on unhealthy foods. My profession is quite stressful and very demanding. It’s a high intensity profession but at the same time, one has to look their very best. Also, in my profession, one is the product, therefore, it is important that one is physically and mentally fit. You can’t go on for too long if you are stressed all the time.

Tips to de-stress…

My advice to others would be to find out what you enjoy and do it often. Do not indulge in vices like smoking, drinking or drugs. According to me, sports is one of the best ways to rejuvenate oneself physically and mentally.

Source: HT Lifestyle News


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