5 Things you should never #reveal #online

You may love being online, but that doesn’t mean you can reveal all. Here are somethings that should be kept under wraps:

Woman-with-laptop-jpgIntimate photos or videos: Something that you post in the heat of the moment may come back to haunt you many years later. Anything that’s once posted online can never be deleted completely. So make sure that you don’t post something that you may not want you colleagues, boss, siblings or parents to see.

Your phone number: And for that matter even your address. Even if you think that you can trust you e-friend, don’t be naive. Similarly don’t give out you address for some lucky draw. This very lucky draw may prove ‘unlucky’ for you.

Don’t post any abuses: If you have some complaints against you boss or teachers don’t write messages against them over the net. For starters, it can be easily traced back to you. Wouldn’t you rather talk about your complaints face-to-face with your boss than miss out on that promotion you were vying for.

Bank details: It’s one thing to pay your bills online over secure websites, but never ever can you give out your account number or your ATM pincodes. Don’t take such risk no matter what the emergency is. If someone asks you for such details be suspicious of them.

Minute-by-minute details: It’s one thing to tell people how you feel or crack a joke a two over the net, but don’t give out details like ‘going out for groceries’ or ‘heading to the local bar’.


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