5 Easy #ways to stay #healthy

5 Easy tips to good health!


Care for your body and it will care for you is my theory on health in general.This has evolved over time. Along the way I fell for many a punishing diet and and ‘loose those inches plan’ only to quit later. Somewhere along the way came the realization that I was punishing myself in order to look good and you can never look good with punishment on your mind. A quater of a century or so later I have evolved my own set of rules on how to look good not like a looser.

Watch your eating not your weight:

My first rule watch your eating habits become aware of what you are eating and when. Our bodies get enough food during regular meals. I believe it’s the in between snacks that are our undoing. Do you binge when you are nervous do you snack when you stress, are chocolates your solice when you are stressed or lonely ? In the reverse do you abstain from a regular meal because the model on TV is your obsession. We do all of the above to fill an emotional void within. Become aware of the emotion behind the eating are you angry, bored, stressed, depressed, anxious..fill that with a positive action do someting about it don’t eat in emotion.

Replace don’t reduce:

On one On the road to good health eating healthy comes before exercise. We always know the right food from the wrong
so begin by replacing the junk.It’s easy to add some fruits and veggies to your breakfast for instance instead of the doughnut. Do it slowly and look for healthy alternatives that interest you (and there are a million to choose from online now). That way you will be happy with your healthy choice.

Water well:

Make water your default drink. I wake up to a glass of water and I drink a glass every 2 hours. Breaking one hour befoer my meals not drinking water during my meal and drinking water only an hour after. This helps me keep an empty stomach before each meal and gives me more space for food during the meal.

Find a walking partner:

Get a family member or good friend to go on walks with you. Having someone do it with you makes it fun and easier, and you’re more likely to keep an appointment to meet someone. One important point to rememnber don’t let your walk be an excuse to eat a those chocolates in the evening.


Sleep well to stay well. I’ve dont a little reserch on how sleeping well goes a long way in keeping me healthy.When I’m sleep deprived I’m less likely to have the energy to go for a walk or cook a healthy dinner for myself. As for the chemicals in your body
the hormone leptin plays a key role in making you feel full. When you don’t get enough sleep, leptin levels drop. People who are tired are just plain hungrier and they seem to crave high-fat and high calorie foods specifically. Also a well rested me is always fresher more energetic and happier through the day.

Always remember over and above the eating and the exercising is love. Plesently plump big or small tell your self ‘I love you just the way you are’, because after all the body that you have is the best machine of all, love it and it will care for you when you need it to.


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