How to keep a #cool #head in #oppressing #heat

It is natural to be affected by the sun. It is, after all, the biggest thing in our solar system and as the Earth inches closer to the hot ball of fire in the summer, it’s impossible to not feel its effects. Headaches, usually triggered by hormones (particularly with women) or stress, are often set off by the sun as well.


Sun headaches:
Limit exposure: Wear a hat or carry an umbrella. Our dark hair has a higher propensity to absorb and trap heat, and cause headaches.
Lather up: Switch to a milder shampoo and wash your hair more often to keep the sebaceous glands healthy.
Drink up: Dehydration brings on headaches faster, so carry a bottle of water if you step out. Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily.
Pack it in: A weekly henna hair pack will keep the scalp cool.
Take a deep breath: Often, headaches are just a response to lack of oxygenation. Practise pranayam daily to balance the air flow in the body and to increase oxygen intake.
Cool down: After coming in from the heat, place a wet band on your head and eyes.


Hormonal headaches:
Ditch dairy: Cut out milk, cheese, other dairy products and coffee before the week of the menstrual cycle.
Balance it out: Drink coconut water and nimbu pani regularly.
Go green: Cucumber and other vegetable juices help. Also gorge on summer fruits like watermelon and muskmelon.
Say no to salt: Lower your intake because it causes water retention.
Trust your nose: Aromatherapy is often effective at controlling headaches. Try oil of neroli or peppermint.
Hit the sack: At least eight hours nightly is mandatory during the menstrual cycle.


Tension on your mind:
Calm down: A daily session of anulom-vilom pranayam is one of the best natural therapies.
Clear it out: Avoid wearing sunshades indoors. Don’t wear your sunglasses or a tight headband for long periods.
Eat right, eat often: Small meals at frequent intervals are best, as skipping meals can trigger headaches.

If your headaches persist even after the summer or if they follow an unusual pattern, see your doctor. You shouldn’t ignore them or suffer through life with them.


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