Ways to #deal with #rude #people

Don’t let the rude people upset you. Maintain your dignity.

WorkDon’t take it personally: When someone’s rude—especially if they’re making personal comments about you—it’s easy to get upset. But don’t let that person’s rudeness affect you. Stay firm, confident. Your self-esteem is not linked to what other people think of you. Make that very clear. Take the power out of their rudeness by choosing to treat it as their problem, not your problem.

Give drama a miss: Do you feel like yelling at the rude people around you? Don’t. Calm down, it’s not worth it. Joining in the drama will only escalate the situation. Whether you’re dealing with a drama queen who’s doing it on purpose, or somebody who just doesn’t know what he’s doing, keep your dignity intact. Don’t get provoked. The power is within you to choose to ignore. Walk away with your head held high. And see the difference.

Be objective: So somebody was rude to you. What did they do or say? Was there any sense in it? Or it was just an act of randomness? Or is it part of their personality? If you view the situation objectively (as an outsider), you will get a perspective. Once you realise that it’s senseless, you can just happily ignore them.


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