Benefits of #cycling

Whether you wish to lose weight or tone your thighs — cycling is your remedy.
CyclingRegular cycling has been stated to help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve your overall fitness. You can also fit this form of training in your every day workout regime with ease. Apart from this, it’s also the best form of transport. It saves your money, gets you fit and is also good for the environment.

It’s also known to be a low-impact type of exercise so it’s easier on your joints than running or other high-end aerobic exercises, while getting you into shape.

Cycling increases calorie consumption and also raises your metabolic rate, which in turn helps you to lose weight faster. It helps improve blood pressure and cures hypertension. It prevents heart diseases and also reduces the effect. Benefits in cardiovascular health. It reduces the chances of getting a stroke. Reduces diabetes and cancer It also aids in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It also improves your muscle strength and is a non-weight bearing activity. Regular cycling leads to improved muscle strength and improved mobility and coordination.

Safety guidelines…

But here are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind while you are cycling outdoors.

Use arm signals, before you turn right or left. Look behind before you take a turn, overtake or stop. Obey road signs and traffic rules at all times. Don’t ride on the pavement unless there is an indication. There are a few roads in the city where you can cycle without being disturbed with the rough traffic. When overtaking cars parked, watch out for doors opening suddenly. Allow room to pass safely. Never use headphone while cycling. Do not talk on your mobile while you are riding a cycle.



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