#Foods you should #learn to #love

Most of us have certain likes and dislikes when it comes to our food preferences — some foods we hate to eat while some we swear by.

Green-veggies-jpgExperts say that more often than not, this is based on an irrational dislike from your childhood or even that the food hasn’t been prepared the right way. But by refraining from certain foods, you may actually be missing out on certain nutrients which are so essential for good health. Here are some of the most commonly hated foods, which you should include in your diet…

Unless you’re allergic to mushrooms, there is no reason why you shouldn’t include them in your diet. Make an effort and get used to the taste and texture of mushrooms, which are rich in proteins and B vitamins and are also the only vegetable to naturally contain Vitamin D.

This crunchy vegetable is full of nutrients like vitamin K, potassium and folate, is known to lower blood pressure and is also low in calories. Blend some celery and add it to a soup.

Brussels sprouts
Rich in vitamins K, C and omega-3 fatty acids, Brussels sprouts are also high in cancer-fighting substances (glucosinolates). To ensure that they tempt your tastebuds, opt for fresh sprouts rather than frozen, and never overcook them so as to avoid their unpleasant smell.

Are you among those who is put off simply by the smell of fish and consequently refuses to touch it? Whether it is the smell, texture or bones that put you off, here’s something that will help change your mind. Fish have great sources of protein and the oily kinds are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for your heart and brain. To make fish more appetising, have it with a healthy marinade to enhance its flavour.

Some people dislike tomatoes in any form, while others stay away from the raw fruit but have no qualms about eating it in a sauce or cooked form. Fortunately research says that the antioxidant lycopene is better absorbed by your body when it is eaten in a processed/ cooked form than the raw variety. Lycopene is known to fight heart disease and cancer.

If not cooked correctly, almost no one will say they like broccoli. So instead, skip soggy, boiled broccoli for a recipe that is tastier. Rich in antioxidants, you could try lightly roasting broccoli with olive oil, garlic and seasoning.

Tofu has a great protein quantities, cholesterol-lowering properties and contains phytoestrogens, which are known to help alleviate symptoms of menopause. To give it some flavour, experts recommend marinating it with soy sauce before cooking.

The texture of avocados may seem unappetising but this healthy fruit is high in vitamin E, potassium and essential fatty acids and great for your heart and skin. Blend avocados with lemon juice, oil and seasoning. It becomes a healthy alternative to mayonnaise.

Peanut butter
Peanut butter has several health benefits, which include lowering cholesterol levels and keeping heart disease at bay. To dilute the stickiness of the spread, add it to a salad dressing.


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