A #taste of #Vietnam in #Bangalore

Now, the flavours of Vietnam are not far from reach. Chef Nguyen Thi Nho has flown down from Vietnam for the Benjarong Vietnamese Food festival -Flavours of Vietnam, and offers a fine balance of vegetarian and meat dishes.

A-taste-of-Vietnam-in-Bangalore-jpgVietnam cuisine focuses on selective use of herbs, exquisite presentation of food, elaborate preparation techniques that are perfected as an art, and a wholesome experience that appeals to all the senses.
Appetizers on the menu i n c l u d e Charcoal Grilled Shrimp Mousse on sugarcane, wrapped with fresh rice vermicelli and Vietnamese herbs) and Vietnamese Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls dipped in fermented bean sauce and mixed pickle.

The main course has dishes such as Wok-tossed Tenderloin with lemongrass and chilli, Five-spiced Vietnamese Fish, Caramelized Tofu in clay pot, and Pho (the national dish of Vietnam, which is a noodle soup meal).

Diners can end their meal on a sweet note with desserts such as Mungbean Cake and Crystal Steamed Banana Cake that is served with cream coconut.

Benjarong is on Ulsoor Road.


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