#Lucknowites beat the heat with #MangoFest

The second edition of the Lucknow Mango Festival organised by the Habibullahs in a village called Saidan pur, near Barabanki, saw pur, near Barabanki, saw Lucknowites beating the heat to enjoy a mango-licious day! But the day was anything but aam.


Organised at a mango or chard, there were rare varieties of mangoes on display like Chilta Khas, African Apple and Husn Aara, a mango-special buffet for guests to gorge and a host of entertainment options to keep everyone busy.

Qawwals from Deva Sharif enthralled the guests with their soulful music, while kids indulged in pottery-making, magic show and a mango-eating contest. Elders also had their share of fun: many were spotted taking a ride through the orchard on a rustic bullock cart.

“Our aim is to promote UP’s mangoes, the small farmers of the area, and to make the mango season a tourist attraction. The concept of eating the fruit in an orchard is not new, but it’s something that people have become unfamiliar with. I hope this endeavour will help revive it,” shared Jyotsana Kaur Habibullah, the convenor of the festival.

Indeed, for those at the Indeed, for those at t event, it turned out to be a memorable experience. “We also have such festivals in Mexico, but not exactly like this. We plan to take back some varieties of mangoes from here,” shared Yutzil, a student from Mexico. Another student Curt Mem from Hong Kong, was impressed to see pressed to see the non-carbide varieties of mangoes available at the festival.


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