The #world on your #platter

From Bangladeshi cuisine to Kabuli roadside delicacies, Barbeque Nation’s latest food fest brings you all!

The-world-on-your-platterAll foodies get ready to indulge in some unique and mouthwatering delicacies at the Grand Trunk Road food festival that is currently ongoing at your nearest Barbeque nation outlet. Several guests who have tried varied cuisines have given a huge thumbs-up to the festival.

As the name suggests, The Grand Trunk Road that spans over an impressive 2500 km range which goes all the way from Bangladesh to Kabul, Afghanistan, the food festival too has an array of varied cuisines from all over the world. From
succulent kebabs to enticing and authentic Lawrence Road ki Chaap Masala to the sweet and nectaring Sheer Kurma, to piquant Murshidabadi Biryani, the food fest will surely leave you wanting for more. For all the vegetarians, there are several options that will satiate your taste buds too.

Barbeque Nation has made an attempt to make the food festival as authentic as possible by serving their patrons some of the most sorted out dishes from several counter parts from where the GT Road passes. The ambience also enhanced by many traditional aesthetics that gives a feel of a typical Indian highway dhaba.

The festival will continue till June 8, 2014 during the evening sessions as well as during lunch sessions on weekends from 7 pm onwards

Where: Shivalik III, Near Mile Stone, Drive-in Cinema Road, Ahmedabad.


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