5 #appliances every #cook must have

Planning to cook? Then there is a list of appliances that you must have in your kitchen.
Take a look at some of them…

A paring knife
This is the basic one, needed to cut small vegetables and fruits. You can easily slice fruits with it, cut the peels of potatoes and other thick skins, devein shrimp, de-seed and section fruits, etc. Always look for one with a comfortable handle.

Measuring cup
It’s not always possible to cook saying, `take a handful of this or that’.
Every kitchen must have a measuring cup or jar to measure liquids like milk or stick or even dry ingredients like sugar, before cooking. It’s better to get a transparent plastic one that allows you to see what you are measuring.

A blender and hand blender are must-have appliances in the kitchen. The electric blender is used to mix foods and liquids like summer mocktails and soups and is available in different sizes. Blenders with a jug make it more convenient.

Vegetable peeler
Vegetable peelers or potato peelers are a most utilised appliance.
They can get the skin off carrots and apples quickly and make the cooking process effortless. There are several designs available, like the Y or straight type. You can also use the peeler to cut slices of cheese or make thin ribbons of chocolate.

Garlic press
This nifty little gadget is most useful as we Indians uses a lot of garlic in cooking. The press pushes the cloves through holes to get the peels. So you need not mince the garlic with a knife anymore, if you have this.



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