#Hangover #facts that you probably never knew

Had a drink too much the previous night and regret it now that you’re suffering from the mother of all hangovers? We’ve all been there — waking up the next morning to a massive hangover and wondering what to do to feel better.

HangoverOne of the biggest reasons you feel so terrible is because alcohol tends to have a drying effect on the body and causes you to visit the washroom repeatedly and finally dehydrate you. Drink plenty of water to flush out the alcohol from the body. And no, drinking more alcohol the next morning will not lower your hangover symptoms!

Ladies, don’t think that you can challenge men into a round of drinks — you won’t win. Men are genetically made in such a way that their body has a far higher amount of water when compared to women. This, in turn, dilutes the alcohol. This means that men will take longer to get high than women even when both drink the same amount. Women should make sure they know their capacities.

Very often people think that binge drinking won’t lead to a hangover simply because they drink only once in a while. You couldn’t be wrong about that. Space out your drinks and make sure you keep nibbling on some snacks throughout your drinking session.

Another mistake that many people make is that just before going to bed after a long drinking session, is to take a painkiller, so that they don’t get a hangover. Mixing alcohol with pills is never a good idea. You never know just how much damage you cause your liver by doing something like this.


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