5 #Websites to check before buying #books

If you are an avid reader who loves buying books but don’t know which one to buy next, just refer to these websites.

Reading1. GOODREADS: The most popular and biggest site for book recommendations, once you make a profile on this website, it allows you to find new books, recommend novels, track your reading, join book clubs and even win advance copies. You can also register books to generate library catalogues and reading lists.

2. LIBRARYTHING: On this website, you can catalogue the first 200 books for free and after that, opt for an annual or lifetime membership for a reasonable fee. It has a large data base with impressive book options and reading suggestions.

3. SHELFARI: On this social cataloguing website for books, you can build virtual bookshelves of the titles you own or have read, as well as rate, review, tag, and discuss these books. You can also create groups so that your friends can join, and discuss books as well as other topics.

4. WEREAD: This online community has a great collection of children’s literature. It allows members to browse sections of new titles, and suggests ways to get children interested in reading.

5. ANOBII: A social networking site and a website that allows you to catalogue your books and also rate, review and discuss them with other readers. The website also has apps for iPhone and Android phones.


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