Here’s decoding the #myths about #afternoon #naps

It is often believed that an afternoon nap can do a body good. But there are people who are not convinced with the power of the afternoon snooze.


Here are common myths about napping listed by

Myth: Napping is only for the lazy or those under the age of 5.
Fact: A short snooze can boost everything from alertness and memory to creativity and productivity. And not one of those perks sounds like laziness.

Myth: If I take a nap, I’ll only wake up feeling worse.
Fact: That groggy feeling after you wake up from a nap is real, but it’s not a guarantee. How you feel after your snooze is probably a factor of how long you slept. Experts generally agree that a nap should last no longer than 30 minutes.

“If you take it longer than 30 minutes, you end up in deep sleep,” said sleep expert Michael J. Breus.

Anyone who has ever felt worse upon rising from a nap is “sleeping too long,” he added.

Myth: Coffee before a nap will keep me up.
Fact: There is such a thing as a caffeine nap- affectionately referred to as the nappuccino. To do it right, enjoy that cup of coffee or tea, and then take your nap. As you sleep, the caffeine will begin to kick in (it reaches peak effectiveness about 30 minutes after you drink it), so that when you wake, you’ll be feeling your most refreshed.


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