Stay #fit this #winter!

It is always a challenge to stay active and fit during the winters as the chill not only makes you lethargic but also sleepy.

Stay-fit-this-winterThe weather isn’t conducive for one to get out and do anything outdoors. Though gyms are there, at times, you might want to try out something different to stay fit. Here are a few fun ways that might make your winter fitness regime a little more exciting:

Video games: If you have a game setup at home, then your winter fitness will get even more interesting. You don’t have to step outside as you can stay fit in a fun way indoors. All you need is a game that works on motion sensor and perhaps, a partner, will make the activity a little more exciting. There are a variety of options that you can choose from, either the usual video games or dance or even play a sport in the same manner.

Pick a sport: You can perhaps pick a sport like squash or basketball that you can easily play during the winters. This sport will involve a partner that will keep one motivated and since it is played indoors, the weather shouldn’t affect as well. There are also a lot of indoor temperature controlled swimming pools available that you can try out.

Get creative at home: While there are a lot of fitness DVDs available these days, you can also log on to the internet and follow different experts’ fitness videos. But don’t start out with anything drastic; instead try to keep it light and safe. Yoga is a good option as it can be practised at home. Working out at home is easy, convenient and reasonable.

Try a healthy diet: Your winter diet needs to be special as you need to include foods that not only supply you with a lot of energy, but also keep illness at bay. Include a lot of fresh greens, vegetables and fruits in the diet. Have fruits that are high in Vitamin C as it will not only keep the skin fresh and moisturized but will also help the body fight cold and cough.


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