Do #PushUps to get in #shape

With the New Year, most of us make the resolution to get fitter and healthier but very few of us are able to achieve our goals. Staying fit becomes easier when you follow a certain routine of exercise. Add this move to your full-body workout routine.

WorkoutThe push-up and glute squeeze is a compound movement that involves many large muscle groups. Opt for compound movements as they yeild results faster than one group of moevements. This move works on the three muscle groups that women want to tone the most – glutes, triceps and core muscles.

Start in a push-up position. Rest on your knees on the floor if you cannot carry your entire body weight. Keeping your core tight, perform push-ups.

After doing push-ups, bring your knees up from the ground into a plank position. Raise one leg and pulse it up and down five times. Then switch legs and repeat the movement.

Go back to push-up position and repeat the set at least five times for a good workout.


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