How to #motivate yourself to #exercise at #home?

Here are a few ways you can pep yourself up when you feel too bored or lazy to follow a fitness regime.

Exercise-jpgIf you thought working out at home is boring, monotonous and unexciting, give it a thought. While it might be pouring outside or you simply wake up late and miss out on your morning walk — working out at home is the best option. You just need to motivate and discipline yourself to exercise at home.

Ways to motivate yourself:

Start with a new workout gear
Working out at home doesn’t mean you can simply wear your pyjamas and start exercising. This will make you feel more lethargic. Invest in a good pair of workout gear. Start with a comfortable pair of shorts, tops and shoes to boost your confidence.

Play some peppy number
Says Namita Jain, wellness expert, “Put on some good music before you start working out, preferably something latest that is on your mind. This will keep your spirits high and will help you to workout better.”

Get a fitness DVD
When you are working out at home, you do not have a personal trainer to help you with your exercise. Thus get a fitness DVD — like a one for yoga, aerobics or some other dance form. It gives you a feeling of working out in a gym or a fitness studio and you do not feel like you are working out alone.

Choose the right workout
Working out at home also requires you to choose the right kind of workout that will keep you motivated to exercise. If you are the kind of person who gets bored walking on the treadmill or cycling at home, go in for pilates, yoga or zumba!

Set up a routine
Working out at home requires a lot of discipline. The best thing about exercising at home is that you can workout any time during the day. Set yourself a time — are you more energetic in the mornings or do you like exercising after work? Spare yourself an hour every day and keep to it. You can also set a reminder on your mobile so that you do not miss out on your workout.

Stock your fridge with healthy eats
Says Samir Purohit, fitness expert, “Make sure that you keep only healthy edibles in your fridge. Store some juices, soya milk etc that will keep you motivated to workout.”

Hang a ‘reach your goal’ list
Make sure you hang a note on your wall reminding you of the upcoming events that you need to exercise for — like a friend’s wedding, reunion or a date.

Put up pictures of your slimmer self
Says Althea Shah, fitness expert, “Putting up pictures when you were fitter or slimmer will motivate you to workout.” Find old pictures where you are wearing skinny jeans or pin up pictures of fitter celebrities on your fridge.

Ask a friend to join you
When you are working out at home, it tends to become very monotonous over a period of time. Call your best friend and ask him/her to drop by at your place for a workout every morning or after working hours. This will keep you going and you will feel motivated to shed those extra kilos.

Vary your workouts
Changing your workout routine every four to six weeks will keep you excited and help you lose weight faster. Take a week off every six weeks to relax, recover and renew your energy, heal your body and clear your mind before you are ready to start again.


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