20 Ways on how to deal with #stress at #work

Can’t handle the pressures at work? Work is the only way to put bread on the table but what happens when all you can think about every minute are the office targets and work?


Life spirals out of control when work takes up most of your time, mentally and physically. Hence to relive stress and deal with the pressures of a workplace Malti Bhojwani, our Life Coach, NLP practitioner and author of Don’t Think of a Blue Ball, gives you straightforward tips and ways on how to deal with stress at work.

Accept fear and stress

Malti Bhojwani assures that small amounts of stress are needed in life to push you beyond limits. She says, “Small amounts of fear and stress let us know we’re alive and moving in the right direction. Feeling the fear and doing something anyway can be exhilarating and rewarding. Let the fear and stress bring you closer to your goals.”

Constructive criticisms

Criticism is something we cannot digest; it pricks a nerve and insults your knowledge. But accepting criticisms positively can relieve stress, Life Coach, Malti Bhojwani explains it, “When you get feedback from your bosses, instead of looking at it as criticism, think about the bigger picture for the company you are in and notice if there is anything you truly can do to improve your game instead of getting flustered or upset.”

Why are you frustrated?

Malti Bhojwani takes a back step to reliving stress at a work place; she questions the source of the frustration. “We need to identify WHY we are frustrated in the 1st place. Is it something to do with our work, our personal lives? Identifying the source of our frustration can in itself be relieving. Then once we know why, we must work to alleviate the problem to the best of our ability.”

Are you overwhelmed?

“Stress is a sign of feeling overwhelmed, which simply means a lack of structure,” explains Malti. Here is what she suggests to deal with stress, “Writing a list of all the important and urgent things that you need to get done is usually the first step to alleviating a lot of stress. Do what needs to be done to pick your game up – be on time, clean up your clutter on your phone, computer, desk and calendar.”

How to deal with anger

This is the common form and emotion we produce when stressed; you tend to snap at people around you or suppress the negative emotions. Here’s what Malti has to say to reduce anger, “When your stress causes you to react in anger because you are running late or caught in traffic, make it a point to just leave earlier, play good music in your car or iPod and relax instead. Renegotiate your commitments if you have to. Then put them in different categories, prioritize, and get cracking!”

How to draw a line between work and personal life

This is a tough question but we need answers and Malti helps you draw this line, “This is challenging. No matter where you are, work or at home, it is still you at the end of the day. How often do we take our work frustrations out at home too?”

She explains this dilemma, “An exercise I’d recommend is that when a personal frustration comes up when we are at work is we remind ourselves that now is not the time to think about it. Don’t feel bad that you thought about it or tell yourself no to think about it, just remind yourself that you’ll worry about personal problems once we’re out of the office.”

Don’t worry all day

Malti says, “Give yourself a time and place to think about your personal challenges. This could also be good for your general well-being, because as you know worrying about something isn’t going to help it. You will be able to think about solutions and ways to cope better after hours rather than spending 24/7 worrying.” Agree!


Malti gives you the best exercise for stress, “The best thing you can do about something that’s beyond your grasp is relax and surrender. If you really can’t do anything then at least stop directing all this worry, stress and negative emotion towards your problem. Otherwise, this will render you incapable of doing anything else.”

Tricks to deal with stress in a competitive world

“Make it your objective to look at all situations from a WIN/WIN perspective!”

Tricks to deal with stress in a competitive world

“Remember that it is your job that allows you to have a personal life that you can enjoy as it may be providing the means.”

Tricks to deal with stress in a competitive world

“Replace “complaining” with gratitude. Look at your challenges as opportunities for you to grow and remember that NOTHING is ever so so bad.”

Relieve stress

Malti gives you a pep talk or more a boost to avoid the stress of work from getting to you. “We ALWAYS have a choice, and you are working where you are because for now, with the resources and know how you have, it is the best option available. You are there for some of the pay-offs, it could be the work, the people, the salary, perks, timing, location or opportunity of growth it is providing. Make sure you can see that you are working there by choice and make the most of it.”

Techniques to relieve stress at work


Malti explains this technique, “Think of the words that you may recite in your head when you are stressed and then exaggerate them; notice what this feels like in your body and what it does to your breathing. Usually the message is something like ‘I will fail,’ ‘I will be sacked,’ ‘I may get demoted or scolded by my superiors,’ ‘people will see me as incompetent,’ or ‘I am just not good enough.’ Terrible isn’t it?”

She further adds, “Can you see how unhealthy and how unproductive thinking this way can be to you? Notice how your body folds in, your breathing becomes short, your eyes and brows burrow inwards to form lines and frowns on your forehead, and your mouth goes down. Exaggerate the facial expressions stress brings with it and you will get a sense of how terrible it is for you.”

Techniques to relieve stress at work


This technique is effective only if you adhere to the previous steps, Malti tells you about centering, “And finally, we come to the most useful step but it is only possible to try this once you have made up your mind to implement my initial suggestions. What I have for you is a step- by-step guide to a process called Centering. You can relate this to putting the gear-stick in your car in ‘neutral’ before moving it to gear 1, 2, 3 or even reverse.”

“When you are feeling stressed, it is an indication that you are off-centre. This exercise will take barely two minutes and you can do it anywhere – at your desk, in the bathroom, car, elevator, anytime. The idea is to make it habitual and practice it several times a day in order to etch new neurological pathways and new habitual body positions so that you can get into ‘Centre’ mode easily.”

“Most of all learn to be light and add humour to situations that you cannot do anything about. Life does not have to be so serious!”

* The following centering exercise is derived from the BEL Model by the Newfield Network. Centering exercise is by Newfield Network where Malti was trained in Ontological coaching.

Techniques to relieve stress at work

Follow these steps for centering:

How to Center Yourself – “Close your eyes. Sit in an open body position with your feet flat on the floor. Your palms should be open and face upwards on your thighs. – Notice the fabric of your pants and how they feel on your skin; notice the feel of your feet on the ground. – Close your eyes softly, relax your eye-lids, balance your head on your shoulders without leaning forward or backwards. Relax your shoulders.”

Techniques to relieve stress at work: Centering Method

“Breathe into your Dan Tian (2 inches below your navel), in and out. Place your left hand on your belly and imagine your breath flowing into there, imagine the center of your belly in depth and in width, imagine the spot that is equidistant from your front, back, left and right. This is the center of your body.”

Techniques to relieve stress at work: Centering Method

“Accept things as they are – all your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Put everything else aside. They are already in the past. Accept them, don’t change or resist, and just accept your emotions. Acceptance is the center of emotion.”

Techniques to relieve stress at work: Centering Method

Silence: “Imagine that it is silent all around you – totally quiet. Silence is the center of language. – All you have to do now is notice you’re breathing and notice the 3 centers – of your body, your emotions and your language. – Open your eyes. You are centered.”

“You are now in neutral; from here, your choices increase. You can “go” anywhere from here with grace and with ease. You are now equidistant linguistically, in your body and in your feelings from every other body position, emotion or language.”

Techniques to relieve stress at work: Centering Method

“Practice this often and do it anywhere; you can practice centering standing up, before you go from one meeting to the next, from work to home, or from one call to another or if your boss has given you some feedback that shook you.”

Finally the last step is to socialise, Malti says, “Create allies and friends at the office that you have common outside interests with. Practice the centering exercise I shared with you and if all else does not work, sit back, look at the ceiling and imagine you are lying on a deck-chair in Goa, looking at the blue sky and listening to the waves. The body shift will instantly de-stress you for minutes, giving you the opportunity and choice to be in a better mood for the rest of the day.”


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