#Leafy #veggies in your #diet

Including leafy veggies like spinach, green methi, mustard leaves is considered good for health.
Farm fresh leafy greens are always known to be healthy and said to be good for one’s metabolism. Benefits of having lots of greens in your diet are many, including fighting weight issues and cholesterol issues. A daily dose of leafy greens in your diet is considered to enhance the immune system as these are rich in vital nutrients essential for a human body function.

Not only are leafy greens rich in iron, calcium etc, they are said to help in bone density owing to their nutritive properties. This makes leafy greens like spinach, green methi, mustard leaves, salad leaves etc quintessential to leading a healthy life and a must haves in regular diet.

Salad leaves such as escarole, red chard, oak leaf lettuce are also recommended for daily consumption as they help one meet with the diet requirement. Each leafy green has a distinct taste and flavour to it, which renders salad or a recipe a very unique taste.

Crunchy lettuce like escarole makes it a favourite for salads and is mostly had raw. Raw leafy greens are more loaded with nutrients, and minerals. So having leafy greens raw makes for a more healthy proposition.



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