Simple #lunchbox #ideas for your #child

It is no that difficult to dish out a simple recipe for your child’s lunchbox.


Creamy delights
A fruit salad is healthy, nourishing, nutritious, tasty and is fulfilling too. If you want to give the roti sabzi a break, you can dish out some exotic fruit salad for children which they are going to love. A butter sandwich with a generous layer of jam inside also makes for a simple idea.

Cheesy delights
A simple food item like a cheese sandwich, if packaged interestingly will do wonders. The sandwich in different shapes like star shaped, oval shaped or circular, with a cheese filling of the same shape will make children take interest in those. Mashed potato in cheese also is another yummy option.

Dips and more
A simple salt biscuit can also be made interesting. While you can team up the salt biscuit with cheese and mayonnaise, considering Russian salad dips and salad ideas also will be one mouth watering option.

Things to avoid
Noodles can be an awkward proposition. So are baked dishes, which are had best when oven fresh. Vegetables containing too much gravy are also avoidable.

Get them involved
Asking your child to help you make some sandwiches lets them have an idea on what’s in offer for lunch. Another incentive for them to be participative and motivated to grab a bite.


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