Is your #menu going to carry a #calorie #count soon?

Watch what you eat is going to be taken literally in the US, for as per a new rule by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it will be necessary for chain restaurants, movie theatres and pizza parlours to show calorie counts on their menus.

MENUThat means regular popcorn too! In addition, other nutritional information like sugars and cholesterol has to be available at the asking. The aim is to help tackle the rising obesity levels by showing upfront how much each person is about to consume. It is felt that if you see how many calories you would be taking in, it may dissuade you from consuming the dish. With high obesity levels in India, maybe it’s an idea that would work well here, too.

Talking menus, too
In the world of increasingly health-focused individuals, another new fad that is creating a buzz is the talking menu. This is actually a hand-held tablet which can describe to the reader what he or she is about to eat, and that too, in different languages. These menus remove any hindrances that would otherwise be caused by language disability. The idea is that people like moving visuals and to have a voice with it, makes the concept of eating out even more attractive.


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