Is the #glass the new #plate?

In a fad that’s catching on, you have cereals, appetisers and desserts being served in glasses. Is this the way we’ll be eating soon?

Is-the-glass-the-new-plate-jpgImagine a dinner party sans plates. Wait, it’s not some suggestion to insult your guests or anything of that sort, but a rad new way to eat. More foods today — especially finger foods — are being served in mason jars, ice cream cones and even mini glasses, in a bid to try something different. Here’s more on the party fare game changer…!

What’s being served in this style?

There’s so much one can do with this style of serving. From your healthy crunchy vegetable crudites, to dips and salads, grilled shrimp, pasta and more, the transparent glass is not just handy to carry and serve around, it also notches things up in terms of visual appeal. What’s more, the dishes remain warm for a longer time in a glass.

Have a spread of at least four types of glasses — they could be in a different colour or shape too.
Serve a variety of sweet and savoury concoctions.
Get decorative with presentation and tie a ribbon around each.

Get spoony too!
Another fun thought is to serve your appetisers in a spoon. Try cheese and cream, smoked salmon and cucumber, caramel custard and more.


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