5 #Healthy #food items to store in your #kitchen

If you want to stay fit and keep healthy, it is important to store certain food items that help you do so, especially during those times when you’re hungry and craving a snack. Here are something foods you can store to fight hunger.

5-Healthy-food-items-to-store-in-your-kitchenSalad dressing
Salad dressing can instantly add taste to your boring salad. Drizzle it lightly on top of your favourite salad and you’re all set to enjoy a quick and yummy meal.

Dark chocolate
A tasty guilt-free dessert, dark chocolate helps you combat midnight cravings. So make sure you keep some stocked in your fridge for those hungry nights.

Hummus is a tasty dip that can go with anything. Just add it over a slice of bread or a pizza. Top it up with veggies and relish the easy meal.

Ground flaxseed
One of the best sources of omega-3, this one is known to protect you from breast cancer. Sowhen hungry just grind it and sprinkle on top of yoghurt.

Peanut butter
Rich in proteins and vitamin E, peanut butter goes perfectly with a sandwich. However, just make sure you use the natural kind, with no-added sugar or salt.


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