How #colour #diet aides #weight #loss

Colour diet sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s time to find out today with the help of our nutritionist Neelanjana Singh with Heinz Nutri Life Clinic, we separate the facts and find out if colour diet can actually help in weight loss.


Neelanjana explains what colour diet is, its importance and how relevant a role it plays in weight loss.

Neelnajana explains the phenomenon of a colour diet, “It has been increasingly recognised that lots of plant foods colours have main beneficial properties and these are called functional foods. Besides the nutritive value, these colours have pigments in them that work in many ways. Many of them have anti aging properties, anti-oxidants and help complete many beneficial reactions in the body. Colour diet also gives you wonderful hair, skin and helps in digestion.”

She details out how a colour diet improves your body, “These colours are pigments and these pigments are only from plant foods. These are called hypochemicals, which are beneficial chemicals which are found only in plant foods. They have many properties right from anti aging to weight loss. That’s why one says, have as many natural colours in the diet- rainbow diet is one of them that includes many colours in the diet.” Next time you plan a trip to the market, select fruits and vegetables of different colours; make your food vibrant.

In terms of weight loss, colour diet has a role to play, Neelanjana tells you how, “With weight loss what needs to be understood is that anything that is healthy in the long run will help you achieve healthy weight. If you have a colourful diet and have excess calories, it won’t help you to lose weight. But include plant based food then you will unlikely have processed food, and then naturally you will not gain weight. If you base your diet on natural food that has a lot of colours you will be able to imbibe a healthy diet, that way you will attain healthy weight.”

Rightly put! The bottom line is that, if you incorporate a healthy food everyday whether vegetarian or non vegetarian you will maintain a healthy weight. All you need is a balanced diet to keep you in ship shape.

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