#Interactive #digital #campaign against #domestic #violence kicks off on #London streets

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, a London-based creative agency WCRS Thursday launched a campaign putting up digital billboards across London with pictures of bruised women, whose bruises fade as people notice them.

The campaign, ‘Look At Me’, has used innovative technology that detects when passers-by are looking at the billboards. As long as the pictures are ignored, the injuries remain the same. However, as people start noticing them, the bruises slowly fade off completely.

The billboards are meant to encourage people to donate to charity-run organisation Women’s Aid, which aims at putting an end to domestic violence on women.

look at me, london campaign, women's aid, wcrs campaign, international women's dayFace of the woman after a little transformation as passers-by look at her. (Source: WCRS website)The campaign, however, has gained popularity amongst Londoners as many have shared tweets referring to it.


2 thoughts on “#Interactive #digital #campaign against #domestic #violence kicks off on #London streets

  1. Alas, this happens only on billboard, not in real life! 😦 Our societies are false and hypocritical and love lip service, only that … one needs but check MSM daily…

    Thank you for caring, Rohidas, thank you so much!

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