#Eat #gooseberry to keep #diseases at #bay

If you are not yet aware of the goodness of gooseberry, it is high time that you got started!


Gooseberry is one fruit that builds up body’s defense against infections. Several studies have shown that people who are diagnosed with any health problem found instant relief after they started consuming gooseberry juice on a regular basis.

A quick glance at why you should make it a habit to include gooseberry a part of your diet regime.

– Gooseberry juice strengthens the body’s infection-fighting skills as it contains antibacterial properties and helps fight diseases and infections.

– Gooseberry juice is used in many Ayurvedic medicines as it can accelerate hair growth and is good for your skin too.

– Studies show that gooseberry contains minerals and vitamins that are essential for a healthy heart

– It contains antioxidants as well to help fight pre-mature ageing

– Gooseberry is loaded with Vitamin C and superoxide dismutase, which are essential to boost your immunity

– It can even fight cancer as it is rich in polyphenols that helps in minimising the risk of cancer