#Encourage your #child to #read

Reading forms one of the key components of cognition.

Encourage your child to read

The smartphone and tablet generation certainly is one step ahead when it comes to cognitive abilities. However, children need to be groomed and ought to be encouraged to read from early years. Parenting has lots of responsibilities and one such responsibility is to make your child develop an interest in reading. Here is how you can make them take interest in reading:

Pick an anime book of their choice
If your child has any favourite cartoon character, then rather than allowing him to watch the programme on TV, gift a book. The book shops today are loaded with interesting cartoon strip books which are not only pictorially striking, but are equally engaging also.

Read it for them
If you have got them a fairytale or a cartoon strip or a children’s magazine, make sure you read it for your children. If initially, they don’t take interest, just make it a point to read it yourself. This will encourage them to be with you and find out what is in that interests you. Then make them get involved in the process.

Narrate from the books
Narrate stories in an interesting manner. You need not tell them the story in the same manner. You can add interesting nuggets from your childhood memories or just make comparisons of the characters in the story with that of your children. This will keep them engaged.

Enjoy the process
Never think that this is a tedious process. This might make them lose interest. Always look charged up.