#Tips to #boost #metabolism, burn #calories

Ever envied that woman/man with the perfect slim figure? While all of us cannot have the same lean body, we can improve our metabolic rate, which is responsible for burning calories. Studies show that men tend to burn more, even while at rest and as you grow older your metabolism tends to slow down. Nonetheless, here are some tricks that can help.

Tips to boost metabolism, burn calories

Muscle man:

Calories are being burnt even when you’re not indulging in any physical activity. People who have more muscles tend to shed the calories even faster. Consider including weight exercises in your daily fitness routine as it can really help in the long run.

Eat in moderation:
Avoiding meals is not the way to go. In fact, an inadequate amount of food in the bodycan slow down your metabolic rate and cause the body to go into ‘starvation mode’. Consume small meals or healthy snacks every four hours to keep your metabolism going. It’s far better than consuming large heavy meals twice or thrice a day.

Get moving:
Enroll yourself in an aerobics class. A high-intensity workout will help in the long run in revving up your metabolic rate. If you prefer the outdoors, try jogging rigorously in between your evening walks.

Drink up:
Water is not just needed for the basic functioning of the body and to prevent dehydration but is also vital in burning the fat. Lack of a sufficient amount of fluids may cause your metabolism to slow down%. Drink at least eight glasses a day and also consume foods rich in water like fruits and vegetables.

Eat right:
What you eat on a daily basis can have a great impact on your body system. Protein is essential to help the body build muscle and improve your metabolic functioning. Choose lean meats or pulses and include them in your meals. Protein also aids by keeping the blood sugar level steady.

Spice it up:
Foods that are rich in spices and herbs are ideal to get your metabolic rate rolling. Research shows that chilli peppers can help when consumed in meals often. Cumin and turmeric which are used in our curries are said to be particularly helpful. Ginger and tabasco sauce are also known to have similar benefits.

Balanced diet:
It’s important to ensure you get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. Vitamin B-12 especially is vital for our energy supply. If you aren’t getting it in its natural form, try taking a B complex vitamin.

Caffiene perk:
While drinking too much coffee may not be good for you, a cup or two a day can help in keeping you alert and energetic. Just ensure that you drink the coffee black and don’t load it with milk, cream or sugar which adds all those unwanted calories.

Herbal route:
Drinking green tea can be a good way to help burn some of those calories. Studies suggest two to four cups can help shed 50 calories a day. Aside from this, gren tea is also good for the heart and body functioning. Chinese herbs like ginseng also has benefits.