5 common #gym #mistakes

Hitting the gym is fast becoming a very important part of our lifestyle, but mostly only with the desire to improve the physical appearance. The overall fitness is an important consideration when walking into the gym, which is ignored by many.

5 common gym mistakes

While working out at the gym, a large number of fitness enthusiasts make some very common mistakes which prevent them from reaching their fitness goals. While some of the mistakes committed are minor, many of them can not only hinder progress, but they can also lead to major injuries.

Are you guilty of any of these common workout mistakes at the gym?

Skipping Warm Up: To avoid any injury, your body must absolutely warm up properly so that the muscles can stretch & contract easily. Avoiding warm up can lead to tears and pulls of the muscle. Do some simple joint movements, walk a few minutes on the treadmill or do a set of reps on the machines with less weight.

Giving cool down a miss: When you’re finished, make sure to stretch out each major muscle. When you don’t stretch, your body loses flexibility which plays an important role in helping you stay injury free and improve your day to day functionality. It also minimizes post exercise muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the worked areas, which speeds up the healing process.

Imitating other gym members: Don’t be fooled by thinking that by copying the workout movements of a fellow gym member with help you get his lean & ripped look. Don’t just copy someone when you see them lifting heavy weights or using a certain workout technique. Without knowing someone else fitness goals and copying them blindly could lead to unexpected results or an injury. Discuss your fitness goals with your gym trainer and work towards it. The best solution is to do your homework before you hit the gym and know what is best for your body & your realize your fitness goals

Doing only one or two activity: At the gym, a lot of us assume that by focusing on only one or two activities, we can achieve our overall fitness & well being, like doing only weight training, or only cardio but fitness is all about your body, mind & souls well being and so one should focus on all the aspects by doing weight training, cardio, yoga, functional training . Based on your current status of body, mind, soul, lifestyle & goal of fitness you can decide the variety in your workout program which will enhance your exercise adherence as well.

No Fuel, No Energy: You need some energy to perform physical activity, without which you cannot enhance your performance as well . Having pre workout meal , one hour before workout some small healthy snack suggested by nutritionist will help, with this during workout hydration is also important so having 1 glass of water for 20 mins workout, where you can sip during workout and keep going .

Inputs by Deepak Awate – Director, Urbounce Fitness Destination