What to #eat when you are #constipated

Constipation or bloating is not only painful, but also cause several health and skin problems.


This is why it is essential to add high fibre foods in your diet that cleanse the entire system. “It is advisable to consume 26 g of fibre every day to run your entire system smoothly,” says Madhav S, a health expert. TOI lists foods that help ease out constipation or bloating.

Whole grains
Whole grain food items like oatmeal, bran, cereal, etc. are rich sources of fibre that keep
your body up and active. Starting your day with whole grain is a healthy and easy option to meet your body’s fibre demand.

An apple a day keeps doctor away is absolutely right. Apple is fibre-enriched fruit that avoids constipation and also makes your skin healthy and beautiful.

Add carrots to your salad and eat them raw for good digestive system; you can have cooked carrots as well, but they lose its dietary fibre value when cooked too much.

This food not only gives you good amount of fibre, but also maintains a healthy digestion system. Increase the intake of baked beans, black-eyed peas, garbanzo beans, and kidney beans.

Pear is one of the fruits that contain maximum fibre. Consume it with skin on to complete you daily quota of dietary fibre. This cleanses the system effectively and makes your stomach feel light.


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