#Lamps to amp up the look in your #house

Not only are they the essentials to a well-lit room, but also make an impact on the way your house looks. Here are a few lamp choices for your abode!
Your home decor is incomplete without proper lights. Apart from the usual tube lights, lamps (floor and table) not only light up your home but also add a classic touch to your pad. But before you start shopping for floor lamps, here are a few things that you must remember.
Make room for enough lights: The first and the foremost thing that you need to understand is that floor lamps apart from being a decorative piece in your house should also spread enough light. You can probably try using a big floor lamp, while have another one placed on the table next to the bigger one.

Should complement your furniture: Mix and match is not restricted to upholstery alone. You should try and get hold of a floor lamp that goes along with your furniture. Try getting a lamp shade in quirky colours like pop pink, striking green or electric blue that you can then match with your cushion colours.

Choose sleek designs: When opting for floor lamps, make sure that you do not pick bulky ones. Not only do they take enough space in your house but it will also not go along with your house decor. Choose from sleek design options that will make way for other furniture pieces in your house.

Add a vintage touch to your room: Opt for lamp shades that lend a classic touch to your abode. You can go in for shades that look regal. You can then complement the lamp shade with single-toned curtains to complete the look.

Opt for quirky lamp shades: The lamp shade in your room can serve to be the focal point in your house. Choose from a variety of quirky lamp shades to amp up the look. These lamp shades can be placed almost about anywhere in your house – from your bedroom to your living or dining area.