Here’s how to make your #home look #bigger

Let go of chunky decor and adapt smart minimalist designs to help your home look bigger and classier!
Space crunch in Mumbai homes is not a new thing. With a large number of families owning a one or a two bedroom apartment, it becomes necessary to be practical about how one does up his/her home. Adapting smart practices like modular kitchens and using minimalistic themes can really help space management. At such times, design comes to the rescue. City-based homemaker Hetal Shah, who recently upgraded her two bedroom home after marriage, says she chose a minimal theme to save on space. “Besides the fact that it looks so cool and has this young vibe, I feel it is also very practical.” Says Shah who made some smart choices and did away with things that took additional space. “I made do with my TV cabinet, and the chunky corner table, and incorporated small yet practical furniture like tall stools with drawers that act as storage.” Shah also let go of bulky showcases and chose to hang art on her walls instead, “It gives a clean look, and makes the space look bigger.” she says, adding that less is indeed more when it comes to minimalist furniture. Another home owner, Amrin Mukhi did something similar when it came to doing up her two year old son’s room. “We chose a minimal design, and used plenty of drawers for my son’s toys as our main motto was to save space, yet leave a lot of room for my son to play.” Another thing she chose were the colours, and followed a minimalist pattern. “Even though it is a kid’s bedroom, we chose muted colours like whites and greys as they add a positive aura to the place.” she signs off.