5 #DIY ideas to organise your #accessories

If you have always been stumped about detangling your necklaces and having all your earrings and bangles in one place, this is for you. Instead of stowing costume jewellery in wooden boxes, why not display them in an attractive manner that will also add to the decor of your home. Follow these DIY tips.

JewelChocolate and dry fruit boxes:
Diwali has just gone by and you are probably finishing festive leftovers like chocolates, dry fruits and sweets. Wipe the used boxes clean and store your junk jewellery in them. Chocolate boxes are ideal for storing rings as well as earrings. The small three to four-inch compartments make them easier to fit your rings in separate rows.

Badminton rackets:
That old racket lying neglected in your storeroom since you passed out of college can be put to good use. Nail it to one of the walls in your room. The net can be a great hanger for your danglers and hoops.

Remember those diamond-shaped cloth hangers that had four nails on its corners? Use these for your necklaces, statement pieces and chains for easy access. This tip also prevents them from getting tangled. Prepare a cardboard mannequin bust and keep it on your dressing table to drape your necklaces. This will make it easier for you to choose which piece to wear while getting ready, as you will actually be able to see how it would look around the neck. Keep all your scarves in one place by tying them around the rim of a hanger.

Empty wine bottles:
Wondering if you should dispose wine bottles or use them as fairy light holders? A functional use for empty wine bottles is as bangle holders. Stack several bangles at a time.

Unused bowls:
Place empty bowls on the dressing table or wardrobe drawer and arrange all your bracelets and anklets in them.