Ten #ways to #eat right and #look good

Look Good!

Look Good!

Strategise your journey to a healthier you with proven ways of capitalising on the way your body metabolises food. In other words, make your body work smarter and harder for the food you eat. What you eat is as important as how you eat it. There is a direct link between ageing and nutrition. To get lighter and look brighter this summer, here are my ten rules.

Eat every two hours
Break up your meals into smaller parts and eat every two hours to shed those extra pounds. What eating smaller meals every two hours does is that it makes your body digest food more frequently, thereby burning more calories during the digestion process.

Eat a healthy breakfast
If you stay hungry for too long after waking up, your body starts to panic and moves into starvation mode and will store the first meal you eat thereafter as fat.

Eat within the first hour of rising
Besides having a wholesome breakfast, eat within the first hour of rising to prevent your body from slipping into starvation mode. It’s the golden hour during which your body still thinks it is adequately nourished.

Eat smart foods
Eat smart to get the best of what’s on your plate because several foods not only have an ability to quash weight gain and delay ageing signs, but they also contain antioxidants that are able to prevent and reverse the build up of cancer-causing free radicals inside your body. Quinoa, flaxseeds, salmon, wheatgrass, green tea, tomatoes, and yoghurt are all excellent examples.

Eat lighter as the day progresses
For better weight management, eat lighter as the sun goes down because your overall level of activity decreases towards the evening. Don’t go easy on any one particular food group (like carbohydrates), just eat lighter in general. Eat a balanced diet Nutritional deficiencies always come back to haunt you because diets that focus on just one nutrient group may lead to weight loss but they eventually negatively impact your body as well as your face.

Drink water
Water is known to influence the rate at which you burn calories; dehydration impairs bile production, which affects the way fat is burned, leading to more fat storage. Hunger and thirst centres are set very close together in the brain and sometimes we eat or tend to overeat because we are thirsty. When skin cells don’t get enough water they get dry and flaky and are prone to wrinkles.

Drink vegetable juice everyday
This is your secret weapon to looking and feeling good. Bursting with the goodness of antioxidants, it can be easily whipped up in just a few minutes. Just blend, in a mixie not in a juicer, three different raw veggies. Pour into a glass, add half a glass of water and about half the pulp from the blender.

Control oil
Avoid oily food. When you’re trying to lose weight or get healthy, limit your oil intake to two to three teaspoons a day.

Control sugar
Sugary foods not only contribute to weight gain, but sugar is also one of the most ageing foods that exists. Limit your consumption.