A basic #wine knowledge for #beginners


Dry Wine

It is the one that has few natural sugars. Thus, a dry wine is the one that is not ‘sweet’.

Sweet Wine

A wine with more sugar content. These are typically dessert wines, sometimes also called as pudding wines.

Acidic Wine

The acids in wine are present in the ingredients naturally while some also come as the byproduct of fermentation. The Acidic wine has a lemony and tastes like vinegar.


Phenolic a compound adds bitterness to wine. Tannins is the bitter taste of wine that gives a drying sensation. It is the same taste that you find in tea. Tannin gives wine an astringent quality and is a natural preservative that is used in the wine aging process.


This also known as aroma of old wine. The bouquet is usually the first criteria when you judge the quality of a wine. A wine can have a fruity, spicy, or any other aroma. It depends on the variety of the grape, where it comes from, and the condition of the wine.


A wine that goes bad is called corked wine.


Finish is the flavor that stays in the mouth after you swallow the wine. It is also commonly called the wine’s aftertaste.

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