How to keep #body #odour at #bay

Body odour can become a real dampener to your personality if proper care is not taken. Here’s how to keep body odour at bay!

How-to-keep-body-odour-at-bayThere are times, when no matter how much deodorant you wear, the body odor just doesn’t go away. These are the days when you feel if you could do something permanent about the problem. So here’s how you can keep body odour at bay in four easy steps.

There are few things that you have to follow, there’s nothing you can do about it. So stop eating too much onions, garlic and methi. They tend to seep out of the body pores and results in body odor. No matter how well onions go with that spicy curry, you need to keep them at safe distance.

Keep visiting your bathroom. Yes, we mean take bath regularly. Bathing twice a day during summers is a good idea. This will definitely put many problems aside.

Use talcum powder. These are an underestimated lot of toiletries which can really make a lot of difference. They not only make you feel fresh but also help in reducing body odour, especially during summers.

Find a good antiperspirant deodorant. This not only keep you smelling fresh but also helps in reducing sweating. Summers are the time when you tend to sweat more and thus body odour.