#Bathrooms to become #interactive by 2021

A bathroom where everything is perfect — lighting, water temperature — plus electronic walls and shower curtains showing TV, internet or social networking sites!


It seems amusing but this is what bathrooms will be like in ten years, according to a team of designers, psychologists and engineers. They said the next generation of fittings is already being developed. Experts claimed the standard bathroom suite will soon look like a relic, as we demand an ‘interactive’ and ’emotion-sensitive’ experience.

It is relaxing and pampering on the one hand, but it will also allow us to use the range of technology we are becoming reliant on in other aspects of our lives, according to the report. People will be able to make phone calls from under the shower and their interactive mirror — connected to the internet of course — might offer style tips on what accessories to wear with your dress, or let you see what your friends are wearing that evening via a video-link. The bathroom cabinet will remind you to take your medication and order a repeat prescription online when it runs out. The scales could tell you how many kilos you have lost or gained over the last month or year — and post it in on a networking site so friends can make sure you are sticking to your diet.

“People are spending a lot more quality time in their bathroom, they want it to be relaxing but also help them with the things they need to do,” a paper quoted Antonia Ward one of the coordinators of the report, as saying. It will help save water and energy. However, the most amazing thing will be that it might also cleanse itself. “People are working on intuitive technology that could unblock the plughole and remove mould from the sink,” Ward added.


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