Get the #right #lights for your #home

Using the perfect light can make or break the look of every little corner of your home – with the help of general lights, accent lights, focused lights, recessed lights, overhead lights, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, etc., you can change the entire look of any room.

Lampshade-jpgWhen placed in the right way, the entire look of the room can change and a house can become a home.

Living room:
A central source of bright light like a well-lit chandelier complimented by diffused light in the corners works well for living rooms. Table lamps, floor lamps also look great. Make the best use of whatever natural light you have. Placing large mirrors in the correct angle can help double up the light in your rooms too.

If you have artifacts, paintings displayed in your home, make sure you highlight them with focused light. A chandelier in a room can give it a royal aura. They don’t need to be heavy or antique – you can find some really interesting and unusual ones in your neighborhood store. Make sure you use a direct overhead light on your dining table. It can change the look of your dining area.

This area of your home is the private one, and this is where you relax after a hard days work – you should make sure that the lights are not too harsh. Mood-lighting works best here. You can also use recessed lighting to light particular area. Go romantic- use candles, lanterns, lamps- they help radiate a sense of warmth and make the room feel very romantic.

Bright lights work well here. And this is also an area where task lights are needed. The oven/stove should be well-lit and so should be your work area – you don’t want to cut up your finger while chopping vegetables! Remember, good lights can help make your meals better.
Undercabinet lights can help prevent shadows and ambient lighting can help give a brighter feel.

Study room/ children’s room
Go for vibrant, bright lights. Make provisions for table lamps too. You can also keep an option of a low wattage bulb so that your child can go around at night without tripping over. Use CFL lights, they are value for money.


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