#Singing is the perfect #stress #buster during #exams

Belt out your stress levels with Karaoke!

Woman-singing-jpgOne of the most stressful times for students, however good or bad they are in their studies, is examination time. There is an enormous pressure on them to excel, thanks to the super competitive era we all live in, where even a 90% is not considered good enough for some colleges. There is uncertainty, peer pressure, and undue expectations that weigh down a student’s mind.

Research has found that stress is nobody’s friend and in fact it can lead to many kinds of problems both physical as well as mental. And in order to deal with the exam fever, one must beat the unwanted, yet all prevailing stress. A relaxed and confident attitude during the exams is almost half the battle won. It has been found that singing is a great stress-buster and has enormous benefits. The activity is so relaxing and cathartic that it helps a person unwind. Music, they say, activates internal energy and concentration and that is where karaoke comes in.

One does not have to be an accomplished singer to beat the stress with karaoke. Include some friends and family and then sing to your hearts content to beat exam blues.


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